The crazy numbers behind TimTheTatMan’s Fall Guys win

Mediatonic / TimtheTatman Twitch

After an epic quest filled with near-misses, trolls, hackers, and more, star streamer TimTheTatman has finally won his very first Crown in Fall Guys, and he racked up monstrous numbers on Twitch while doing it.

Since Fall Guys came out on August 4, people have been getting hyped seeing their favorite streamers add more Crowns to the collection. Unfortunately, viewers watching TimtheTatman’s channel couldn’t indulge in such pleasures.

Tim’s quest for his first win dominated seemingly the entire Twitch-sphere’s attention in the days leading up to the eventual victory; his streams routinely net thousands of viewers as it is, but during the chase for the Crown, the floodgates of the internet poured over his channel.

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In the moments leading up to his ultimate Fall Guys achievement, people were obsessed with all the memes and blunders that Tim would face before claiming his grand prize.

Crowned Twitch streamer

Though Twitch stuttered and lagged at times, when Tim was the last one standing on Hex-A-Gone, he had clearly surpassed a whopping 346,000 viewers. He stopped streaming shortly afterwards, but had attracted 743,713 unique viewers throughout the day, according to TwitchTracker.

And he kept about 10% of those new eyes, as he gained 73,222 followers before ending the stream. His average viewership on the day of the victory tallied at 181,703 while the total hours watched on his channel was at a staggering 1,168,955. Not to mention the healthy 6000 subs he gained within minutes of grabbing his Crown.

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Just three days prior, the craze spread to social media, where he collected over 5,000 Instagram followers and approximately 25,000 on Twitter, per data from Socialblade.

Last but not least, Tim also managed to get trending on Twitter, as the phrase ‘HE DID IT’ hit #8 on tweet charts following his long-awaited achievement.
Tim’s Twitch follows since claiming his Fall Guys Crown spiked in growth.

Needless to say, TimtheTatman has been one of Twitch’s largest streamers for a while, but the past few days put the internet’s spotlight directly on his shiny head.

Before adopting Mediatonic’s party game, Tim’s broadcasts floated comfortably around 41,000 viewers, with peak viewerships clocking in at 48,129 on the day of Warzone’s Season 5 release and 68,149 the subsequent evening, according to Twitchmetrics.

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Then, Fall Guys came into the picture on August 11 and it took about a week of Tim’s aggravation (and losing streak) to build up, but when it did, people started to notice.

On day one, Tim’s peak viewership soared above what he’d been achieving on Warzone, with an average concurrent viewers of 44,113 and a peak of 69,581 when he switched to Fall Guys.

Then Monday, August 17 came around, and as his losing streak grew, so did the traffic. He peaked at 129,018 viewers, which was outdone by the next day’s high of 143,372, all there to see the star streamer attempt to grab his first crown.

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Tim admitted to being aware of the inflated numbers that the Fall Guys hysteria had created, so the question now is whether or not all those viewers will stick around now that the star streamer finally has a win.