Shroud claims Fall Guys “is going to die” unless it finds party game roots

Fall Guys side by side with ShroudMediatonic / Twitch: shroud

Plenty of people are complaining about hackers being the demise of Fall Guys. However, streamer extraordinaire Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has focused in on one thing that could lead to the game’s death ⁠— losing its party game roots.

Fall Guys is about as competitive as party games come. The battle royale, everyone fending for themselves (unless it’s a team challenge) nature of the game means it’s hard to not get competitive. If you lose in a terrible way, you can feel pretty hard done by.

This has morphed into a lot of people taking the game very seriously. It’s fair play ⁠— after all, who doesn’t love winning ⁠— but for shroud, the hyper-competitive nature of Fall Guys despite it being a party game can be a pretty big turnoff.

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Shroud even went as far as to say that it will “die real quick” unless the developers do two things. One is to add new content and new maps. The second is to potentially bring in custom lobbies. Both of these will help keep Fall Guys rooted in the party game genre.

“Fall Guys is going to die real quick for sure. After playing it, there is no way it will be any more exciting for any longer unless they add maps quickly,” shroud claimed on his August 24 stream.

“I don’t care about playing with f**king strangers dude. Customs would be like, okay-ish, but you can already gather that many people together. I just wish it was more of a party game than what it already is.”

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It makes sense as to how these two things can make Fall Guys a bit more casual. New maps will keep new players coming in, and old ones returning. Customs will also allow massive groups of friends to play together, rather than queuing up as a four-stack currently.

Luckily for shroud and friends, there’s some new maps on the way. At Gamescom, Fall Guys Season 2 is set to be announced. At least four new game modes ⁠— Treasure Hunt, Chicken Chase, 100-player Door Dash, and Wall Guys ⁠— are expected to be added.

There’s also an infinite number of features Fall Guys could add to hone in on this concept. Couch split-screen co-op, or the ability to make your own maps would help build on the party game concept.

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It’s still pretty early days however, and there’s a lot of potentially good concepts that could be added to Fall Guys eventually. If Mediatonic can somehow cater to the uber-competitive and the casual players, Fall Guys should be here to stay for a while yet.