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How to beat Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone stage

Published: 18/Aug/2020 14:50 Updated: 18/Aug/2020 14:53

by James Busby


Fall Guys’ colorful take on the battle royale genre is uniquely refreshing and players from around the world have been busy competing in its monstrous mini-games. To find out how you can beat Hex-A-Gone, we’ve put together a foolproof guide that will drastically increase your chances of snagging that crown win. 

While the jellybean filled world of Fall Guys may look cute and charming, the challenges are far from it.

Each game is broken into four separate stages and players will need to run, jump, dive, and fight their way through each challenge in order to have a shot at the final. This is a lot easier said than done, especially when you have a total of 60 players competing to steal the crown from your clutches. 


The majority of Fall Guy’s mini-games require a decent amount of luck and skill to beat, but there is one round that has cemented itself as one of the hardest to beat. Hex-A-Gone’s disappearing tiles have claimed the lives of many a brave bean, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximize your chances netting that all-important win. 

Play aggressively

Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone final
Mediatonic / Rixian
Take out enemy players by cutting off their route.

If you wish to avoid hurtling down into the pink ooze below and increase your survivability, you’ll need to start playing aggressively.

Use the falling tiles to your advantage and cut off any players that try to encroach upon your zone. If you see a player slowly jumping between tiles, then quickly dash over to them and cut off their path. This will drastically limit the space they can utilize and often force them into making risky dives. 


Once you’ve successfully bamboozled any enemy beans and forced them into the bottom levels below, it’s time to resume your jumping. If you’re going to use this strategy, try to always leave enough platforms for yourself. If you don’t have the space to pull off any aggressive plays, it’s often best to focus on a more methodical approach. 

Take things slow and master those jumps

Hex-A-Gone jumps and dives
Mediatonic / Rixian
Knowing when to utilize jumps and dives will help keep you from sinking into the sludge below.

As we stated above, there will be times where taking a slower strategy will give you the best chances of winning. Not only does hopping increase the time you can remain on each tile, it will also allow you to conserve what little space you have left. Mastering the standard jump and jump dive is also important when traversing the ever-changing environment.


A standard jump will allow you to reach distances of one missing tile away, while a well-timed jump dive allows you to leap to tiles two spaces away. Only use the jump dive when no other options are available as one misstep can lead to your elimination. 

Always plan ahead

Hex-A-Gone start screen
Mediatonic / Rixian
Avoid untimely eliminations by going in with a game-winning strategy.

The best beans are always two steps ahead. By planning your route and jumps, you can drastically limit those frustrating situations which lead to an early demise. Pay attention to your surroundings and look for opportunities where you can begin cordoning off your own separate area. 

Try to keep your camera pointing downwards to give you a good view of what is happening below. This will allow you to effectively see which sections of the map are still safe to land on, giving you time to begin accessing areas of the level that offer a safer descent to the bottom.


After all, falling off one tile can quickly lead to several floor drops. Even if you do end up falling, try to remain focused and plan for the next level. 

Instadrop for a quick win

Fall Guys winning screen
Mediatonic / Rixian
This strategy can be pretty risky, but the reward is always worth it.

There are a total of 8 levels in Hex-A-Gone and while it may be tempting to slow your descent, many players have found that racing to the bottom is just as effective.

This strategy may seem counterintuitive, but it can actually give you the edge needed to claim a win. As soon as the round starts, quickly begin dropping to the last blue floor and run across all the tiles until you have your own lane. 


Try to cut out the middle section and leave a few tiles on the outskirts as the majority of players will simply fall straight through the center. Of course, this trick only works if you’re one of the few doing it. If there are a number of players choosing to instadrop, then it’s best to forgo this strategy altogether. 

So there you have, a few quick tips that should give you the tools needed to finally beat Hex-A-Gone and claim that elusive win. Make sure you follow @Dexerto on Twitter for all the latest game updates and news.