Has TimTheTatman won a game of Fall Guys yet? YES

Tanner Pierce
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Popular streamer TimTheTatman has been struggling to win a game of Fall Guys ever since the launch of the game in early August 2020. Here are the latest updates on his path to victory.

TimTheTatman has had a rough time with Fall Guys, to say the least. Even though he’s been playing it consistently since the title’s launch in early August, he hasn’t been able to get a win in the popular battle royale game.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account has joined in on the roasting too, giving him constant mockery for his inability to get a crown.

TimTheTatman’s Fall Guys livestream

Has Tim won a crown yet?


On August 19, Tim finally won a match of Fall Guys after numerous attempts!

Tim’s win came after an exhilarating Hex-A-Gone level, where he was able to outlast another player by jumping slowly from block to block, employing a strategy that many are using right now.

In an exciting start to the day, Tim’s first game saw him gunning miles ahead of the pack on the See-Saw level—prompting him to wonder if he had unintentionally started cheating or if the developers had covertly buffed his bean.

At one point in the day, Tim pulled in over 230,000 viewers, shattering his previous record of 130,000 the day before.

Normally, certain levels seemed to be give Tim trouble. One of the final levels, Hex-A-Gone, is well documented as one of, if not the hardest level in the entire game. In addition, levels like Slime Climb and Block Party have also been giving him problems. On the plus side, See-Saw seems to no longer be an obstacle.

It also doesn’t help that players are purposefully “holding” onto Tim’s character in-game in order to cause him to lose, essentially griefing him. For those that don’t know, players can grab and hold onto surfaces in characters in-game, which can be useful in certain game modes.

During his August 19 attempt, Tim had a pretty intense reaction when a player dressed as a hot dog started griefing him on Slime Climb, with Tim claiming that he was being trolled.

Even after being held so often, he still hasn’t mastered self-defense. In the August 19 effort, he was grabbed and then subsequently tossed himself into elimination — ruining the hot start.

The game is difficult of course and griefing is definitely annoying, but for an experienced gamer and professional streamer, it’s almost inexplicable how long it’s taken for him to get a win.

The challenge has it’s upsides though, as viewership on his Twitch channel has enjoyed a healthy boom as the world watches on anticipating his first-ever win. At its peak, he was garnering over 130,000 viewers.

We’ll keep this article updated as Tim’s efforts continue, so if you don’t have time to watch him endlessly fail, just check back here to find if he’s won yet.