‘Fall King’ goes viral for impressive recording of 350 Fall Guys wins

. 2 years ago
Fall Guys characters running across a level

Are you ready to feel bad about your number of crowns in Fall Guys? One player has amassed so many crowns, that even the developers of the game have noticed.

It’s not unreasonable to say that Fall Guys is one of the hardest battle royale games out there right now. While there is a technical skill involved to a certain degree (knowing where/when to jump, which tile to go, etc), there’s a lot of luck involved the game. What may work in one ‘episode’ may not work in another.

Because of this, getting that crown is an insanely difficult task, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Despite this difficulty, however, one player has managed to defy the odds and racked up an insane number of wins.

Players receive crowns like this one when they achieve a win in Fall Guys.

One Twitter user by the name of InventorBLADES has managed to document 350 Fall Guys wins since the game’s launch back in August.

InventorBLADES seems to be devoting most of his time to the game, racking up as many as he can throughout the day. On September 3, 2020 alone, he managed to get 18 wins – and he’s still going.

The streamer has gotten such a large following that developer of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, stumbled across him and gave him a shoutout on Twitter, jokingly proclaiming him the ‘Fall King’.

While it’s unclear if this is how big his streak really is (surely he couldn’t have gotten all those wins in a row), 350 is certainly a respectable number – especially when so many people are struggling to even get a single victory.

It might not be out of the question to say that’s one of the highest win counts in Fall Guys across the world, although that is purely speculation.

Here’s hoping that InventorBLADES can keep it up because, it would be a shame if he stopped in the near future.

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