Fall Guys Spicy Hot Fix update rolls out early: Everything that's changed
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Fall Guys Spicy Update rolls out early: Everything that’s changed

Published: 23/Aug/2020 13:08 Updated: 24/Aug/2020 17:52

by Connor Bennett


Fall Guys have rolled out a brand new Spicy Update, making a whole bunch of changes to the popular game, and we’ve got the patch notes. There is one thing missing, though. 

As the game continues to surge in popularity, fans have been wanting more and more content. This includes new levels – which the devs have already promised – as well as new cosmetics and even some new features.


Though, before they roll out any major updates, Mediatonic have been dropping smaller updates to rectify nagging bugs and glitches.

There’s a lot to look at with the new update as well, so let’s jump right into the changes.


Fall Guys Spicy Update patch notes

Fall Guys screenshot from minigame
A new Spicy update has rolled out in Fall Guys.

If it was patch notes you wanted, you’re in the right place. The official Fall Guys Twitter account posted all of the information, including tweaks to different mini-games included in the title.

Mediatonic have been pressed hard by the community on how it will adapt in the future and let’s have it right, patches seem to be rolling out fast to keep the content fresh. Below is a list of the things included in the update.

Fall Guys Spicy Hot Fix patch notes

  • Tweaked round selection algorithm to select a Team game only if the team sizes can be equal
  • PS4 Only: Added controller options including Invert X/Y axis and sensitivity settings
  • Slime Climb: Players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles
  • Jump Showdown: Changed geometry to avoid gameplay exploit
  • Jump Showdown: Fixed camera auto-panning
  • Improved in-game store dialog to avoid accidental selections
  • Addressed the top five most frequent crashes
  • Visual fixes to some of the outfits
  • [PS4 only] Improved UI performance on non PS4 Pro models
  • Added option to change the Jump button bind for Japan
  • Trophy/achievement names and descriptions are now correctly displayed in supported languages
  • Removed speed nerf from Yellow Team (Don’t post this one)

One thing missing

Those who saw the previous tweet from Fall Guys will know that there’s one thing missing from the list as well, and that’s “Party members are now sorted first in Spectator mode.” 


Unfortunately, devs have confirmed this will have to wait until next time. Though, overall, the patch does look as spicy as it can be for now.

Fall Guys

When is Fall Guys Season 2? Release date, levels, skins

Published: 3/Oct/2020 9:38 Updated: 4/Oct/2020 9:38

by Tanner Pierce


Season 2 of the popular battle royale game ‘Fall Guys’ is just around the corner, but we still don’t have a ton of information about its upcoming content. Here’s everything we know so far, including when it’s releasing, what’ll be included and more.

Season 1 of Fall Guys took the world by storm. Players were obsessed with getting as many crowns as possible with their small bean-like characters and unlocking all the cool and interesting costumes the season had to offer.


Now, Season 2 is just a few short days away – but despite the proximity to its release date, we don’t have a ton to go on aside from a few key details and sneak peeks. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season so far.

Fall Guys Season 2 trailer

Fall Guys Season 2 release date

Developers Mediatronic have now confirmed that Fall Guys Season 2 will start on October 8. Season 1 will also end on October 8, with Double Fame points running from October 5 – 8.



W don’t know exactly what time the new season will start, but hopefully we’ll know more in the days leading up to its release.

Fall Guys Season 2’s theme and new content

As mentioned in the sneak peek trailer, the brand new season will be medieval-themed and will feature costumes based on knights, dragons, witches, wizards, and more.

Players will also be able to jump into new levels based on the medieval theme, with even some new obstacles.


In addition, thanks to both the sneak peek and some new screenshots released by Mediatonic themselves, we know that new medieval-themed variants of existing levels will be making its way into the game during the update as well.

Of course, more information will be coming soon about this new season and when it does, we’ll be sure to update this article to reflect that.