Fall Guys makes major account change in fight against cheaters

. 2 years ago
Fall Guys character running up a hill

Mediatonic, the developers behind Fall Guys, have made a big change to accounts that should help in their ongoing fight against cheaters and hackers. 

Since releasing in August, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys has become the talk of the gaming world with PS4 and PC players flocking to the TV-show themed battle royale in the hopes of winning a Crown. 

While the majority of players keep on the straight and narrow, hoping to win a game without any help, there are plenty of players who have already started cheating – using speed boosts, invisible walls, and much more to wreak havoc in games. 

For Mediatonic, it is an ongoing battle to stop cheaters from ruining the game as a whole and they’ve now made a big change to accounts that should help immensely in their fight against cheats and hacks.

Fall Guys characters running across a level
Fall Guys has swept across the Gaming world like a wildfire.

On August 25, the devs noted that they’d discovered some cheaters using a loophole to get around bans by making new Steam accounts and then being able to share the purchase of the game with said new account.

“We’ve unfortunately had to disable that for now,” the devs posted, before adding that the temporary removal of the option should “massively help with the cheating issues though.”

It means that anybody who has had Fall Guys shared to them through the Family-Sharing option will not be able to play while the option is disabled unless they use the account which made the purchase in the first place. 

Obviously, this is going to hamper some players in the meantime who have used the option to share Fall Guys with family and friends, but if it helps in the fight against cheating, it should be worthwhile in the end. 

The devs have also revealed that they’re working on a few other measures to deal with cheaters so, who knows, family-sharing could return soon enough.

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