Fall Guys devs respond to increasing Kudos scams on Steam & PS4

. 2 years ago
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Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has responded to an increasing number of Kudos scams, which aim to steal the information of players on PS4 and Steam.

Scams are nothing new for video games. Ever since online gaming became more mainstream during the early 2010’s, there’s been a growing number of scams that attempt to sell players on free in-game currency. These scams have become such a problem for these popular games that even Fortnite developer Epic Games has created specific loading screens for the game warning players not to fall for them.

The latest game to be affected by these scams is Fall Guys. The extremely popular battle royale game has been plagued by scams ever since the first few weeks of its launch, with companies promising free Kudos (the in-game currency) in a variety of different ways.

Some scams are offering free Kudos, which can be bought, to people who input their Steam and PSN information.

Now, developer Mediatonic has responded to these scams, advising players not to participate in them or anything that may look like a scam.

While there are a number of different scams that pop up if you search for them, including free ‘Kudos Generators’, the developers specifically warned people about sites asking players to input their Steam and/or PSN details.

“They’re stealing your password and account,” the Fall Guys Twitter account said. “Never type your Steam/PS passwords into a random website.”

Unlike cheating, there’s no real way to stop these companies other than by lawsuit and even then, other companies would just pop up and replace them. Because of this, unless a real solution is found, these scams will persist.

That being said, it’s nice to see the developers looking out for their players. No matter how obvious or inconspicuous the scam is, there’s no worse feeling than realizing your information is compromised. Hopefully as time goes on we start seeing less and less of these scams but the outlook isn’t fantastic.

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