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Fall Guys devs reply to game-breaking Fall Mountain crown bug

Published: 25/Aug/2020 18:57

by Tanner Pierce


Yet another bug has been discovered in Fall Guys on the “finale” level, Fall Mountain, and just like the one before it, it’s causing some players not to win – even though they should.

Bugs and issues in Fall Guys are nothing new. Ever since the game was released, fans have been discovering a few different problems with the game, most of which are small. While its completely unfair to say that the game is riddled with bugs, it’s also unfair to say that they aren’t a problem.

The most frustrating part about these bugs is the fact that, because Fall Guys is a battle royale game, it can cause players to not win a match even when they deserve to. One of the more frustrating and infamous bugs is one that caused Fall Mountain players to grab and climb onto the crown at the end of the level, stopping them from winning.


Now, another bug has been discovered with Fall Mountain – and its just as frustrating.

Another bug has been discovered with Fall Mountain and its similar to the one that infamous one before it.

According to Mediatonic Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh, this new bug hadn’t been seen by the developers up until this point, and has been sent over to the development team to get fixed.

The bug itself is similar to the previous one. Players attempt to jump and grab onto the crown, only to find themselves grabbing it as if it were another player. It doesn’t seem to be a bugged crown either, as other players are able to grab it with no problem.

I thought this glitch was fixed? (Fall Mountain) from r/FallGuysGame

Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be a timeline as to when the developers will fix this problem.


That being said, the developer seems to be doing a relatively good job pushing out patches for the game, with two already released in less than a month’s time, so hopefully it won’t be too long before this problem is resolved.