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Fall Guys

Fall Guys devs confirm major anti-cheat changes coming soon

Published: 8/Sep/2020 10:08

by Connor Bennett


The Fall Guys devs have confirmed that they’re working on more anti-cheat measures that should release in the near future as their fight with hackers continues to rumble on. 

After releasing back in early August, Fall Guys has taken over the gaming world as players on both PC and PS4 have tried their hand at winning a crown or two. 


While the party game style battle royale has been a huge success, and the devs have continued to roll out new content, they do have a huge cheating problem. Hackers have been able to fly to the end of levels within seconds of it starting and even create invisible walls around themselves so anyone close by falls down. 

The devs have rolled out some anti-cheat measures before, but as the cheaters have continued to ruin games, they’re stepping their fight up yet again.

Fall Guys gameplay
Fall Guys is limited to the PlayStation 4 and PC for the time being.

On September 6, the FallGuysGame Twitter account issued another apology to players over the cheating problem in-game, noting that they’re making changes very soon. 

“We’re really sorry about the cheating problem!” their post begun. “We’re expanding the current detection system this week to improve things.”

On top of the changes to the detection system, there is also going to be a pretty major update to the anti-cheat software. “We also have a BIG update in the next couple of weeks that adds the same anti-cheat used by games such as Fortnite. Thanks for bearing with us!” the devs concluded. 


While changes to the anti-cheat systems will certainly be welcomed by players, it is difficult for the devs to completely stamp out cheaters because they always seem to find a way to ruin the fun. 

Given that they said the update will come in the “next couple of weeks” and there is no specific date, players will just have to keep an eye on things.

Fall Guys

When is Fall Guys Season 2? Release date, levels, skins

Published: 3/Oct/2020 9:38 Updated: 4/Oct/2020 9:38

by Tanner Pierce


Season 2 of the popular battle royale game ‘Fall Guys’ is just around the corner, but we still don’t have a ton of information about its upcoming content. Here’s everything we know so far, including when it’s releasing, what’ll be included and more.

Season 1 of Fall Guys took the world by storm. Players were obsessed with getting as many crowns as possible with their small bean-like characters and unlocking all the cool and interesting costumes the season had to offer.


Now, Season 2 is just a few short days away – but despite the proximity to its release date, we don’t have a ton to go on aside from a few key details and sneak peeks. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season so far.

Fall Guys Season 2 trailer

Fall Guys Season 2 release date

Developers Mediatronic have now confirmed that Fall Guys Season 2 will start on October 8. Season 1 will also end on October 8, with Double Fame points running from October 5 – 8.



W don’t know exactly what time the new season will start, but hopefully we’ll know more in the days leading up to its release.

Fall Guys Season 2’s theme and new content

As mentioned in the sneak peek trailer, the brand new season will be medieval-themed and will feature costumes based on knights, dragons, witches, wizards, and more.

Players will also be able to jump into new levels based on the medieval theme, with even some new obstacles.


In addition, thanks to both the sneak peek and some new screenshots released by Mediatonic themselves, we know that new medieval-themed variants of existing levels will be making its way into the game during the update as well.

Of course, more information will be coming soon about this new season and when it does, we’ll be sure to update this article to reflect that.