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Fall Guys

Fall Guys dev shows the insides of characters and they’re terrifying

Published: 24/Sep/2020 1:34

by Tanner Pierce


The developers of Fall Guys have shared an interesting take on what the inside of the characters look like from one of the designers of the game and it’s even more terrifying than you could have imagined.

Fall Guys has a bit of an interesting design, to say the least. If you asked most people they would probably describe the game as bright, colorful, and joyful. The game even has little, chubby, bean-like people as the playable characters running through each and every course.

Apparently, however, these fat little beans are holding a much more terrifying, darker secret. Players have never gotten a glimpse at the insides of these characters before and apparently that’s for good reason. Until now, that is.


Mediatonic/Devolver Digital
Apparently, the insides of each and every bean in Fall Guys is absolutely terrifying.

A Fall Guy senior concept artist has revealed art for the designs for what each and every character looks like on the inside and it’s one of the most terrifying things you can imagine.

While the inside sort of looks like a normal human skeleton there are a couple of things that differentiate it. Everything looks crooked and bent in strange ways. The legs look like a bird’s legs, the hands themselves are huge, and the eyes…

Oh god, the eyes are the worst part:

Long optic nerves seem to connect the eyes to the skull in a gross manner. That, combined with the neck, cement this design as being one of the creepiest in recent memory.


The worst part is that, according to the Fall Guys Twitter account…this design is canon. Of course, this may just be a joke but given the fact that they make the game, they have control over what is and isn’t official, so it very well might be.

So the next time you see another player get eliminated and feel bad about it, just remember what’s lurking inside the depths of those fat beans.