Fall Guy devs want to “build trust” before taking game to Xbox & mobile

Brad Norton

While Fall Guys will undoubtedly reach other platforms in the future, Mediatonic has explained why “it’s not the right thing to do” at this point in time.

Fall Guys immediately captivated the gaming industry upon its release on August 4. Having launched across PlayStation and PC, it’s rapidly grown into one of the most successful indie game launches of all time.

The charming battle royale has sold more than seven million copies on Steam and gone on to become the biggest PS Plus game of all time. With Season Two on the horizon, there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon either. But when will other platforms be able to join in on the fun?

From Xbox players to those on mobile or even the Nintendo Switch, there’s a big demand for Fall Guys outside of its current install base. Developers addressed the possibility in the second episode of Gary Whitta’s ‘Talk Guys’ podcast on August 28. Here’s what they had to say.

Fall Guys gameplay
Fall Guys is limited to the PlayStation 4 and PC for the time being.

The talk show hosts covered many bases throughout the more than two-hour conversation. Though one topic that stood out pertained to Fall Guys releasing on new hardware in the near future. While leaks have hinted at an eventual mobile release, Mediatonic is yet to officially confirm any plans for expansion.

Right now, our real focus is on making the PlayStation and PC games as good as they possibly can be,” lead designer Joe Walsh explained. Rather than dividing efforts and trying to port the game, the devs want to support the current user base instead. “We really have to build trust with the community now and make sure they believe that we can support this game and make it really good.”

Porting to other platforms is “not the right thing to do at this point in development,” according to Walsh. While the door hasn’t been shut entirely, they clearly want to harness their efforts on bringing new content to current players first and foremost.

It could cost them a great deal of money in the short-term, he admitted, but hitting new consoles isn’t “what [they] want to do right now. The focus is on building that relationship with the community.”

The relevant conversation begins at the 1:09:14 mark in the video below.

With millions of players logging in daily to jump and dive for their next crown, Fall Guys landing on other platforms would only be met with even more success. But until the developers are comfortable with the state of the game, anxious gamers might not want to hold their breath.

Season 2 is just around the corner with new modes and costumes. Perhaps a future season could mark the game’s expansion to a new console, but only time will tell.