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Every new costume being added in Fall Guys Season 2

Published: 9/Sep/2020 6:07

by Andrew Amos


Want to dress up your bean with a suave new look in Fall Guys Season 2? There’ll be plenty of skins and costume options to choose from, although they all come with a decidedly Medieval theme.

Fall Guys’ new season is on the way. With a release date penned for 2020, there’s a ton of new content to be looking forward to.


From new stages, a new battle pass, and even the potential of cross-play, Season 2 is set to give Fall Guys a new lease on life. If you’re looking for a new costume to dress your bean up in though, there’ll be plenty of those.

Six “fresh Medieval styles” were revealed at the Gamescom Opening Night at the end of August. They’re all set to arrive during Season 2.


There’s a few options down that theme you can pick up. Two Viking skins are up for grabs, one male one and another female one. There’s also two mage-like skins ⁠— a wizard and a witch.

If you want to be the knight in shining armor who claims the crown at the end of the race, you can do so in Season 2. However, if these all aren’t up your alley, there might be one for you ⁠— the Dragon skin.

These are only likely to be a few of the costumes Mediatonic will release in Fall Guys Season 2. They haven’t confirmed prices, or how to unlock each of the costumes yet, but it’s likely you’ll have to cash in some of your crowns.


Here’s a full list of the costumes we know so far, if you wanted a quick rundown.

Viking (Male)

Male Viking costume in Fall Guys

Viking (Female)

Viking Female costume in Fall Guys


Dragon costume in Fall Guys


Knight costume in Fall Guys


Wizard costume in Fall Guys


Witch costume in Fall Guys

There’s also the impending release of the charity auction costumes players will have to keep their eyes out for. While they’re not confirmed for Fall Guys Season 2, they should be coming relatively soon.

Ninja, Aim Lab, G2 Esports, and Mr Beast are all getting costumes in the game after pledging a combined $1 million to charity. Initial designs have been submitted ⁠— some fan-made, others designed by the winners themselves ⁠— and should be in development as we speak.


These are only the costumes that we know of coming in Fall Guys Season 2 so far. It’s likely even more will be added to the shop as October comes and goes. We will keep you updated as always so you can find the perfect costume to cash your crowns in on.

Fall Guys

When is Fall Guys Season 2? Release date, levels, skins

Published: 3/Oct/2020 9:38 Updated: 4/Oct/2020 9:38

by Tanner Pierce


Season 2 of the popular battle royale game ‘Fall Guys’ is just around the corner, but we still don’t have a ton of information about its upcoming content. Here’s everything we know so far, including when it’s releasing, what’ll be included and more.

Season 1 of Fall Guys took the world by storm. Players were obsessed with getting as many crowns as possible with their small bean-like characters and unlocking all the cool and interesting costumes the season had to offer.


Now, Season 2 is just a few short days away – but despite the proximity to its release date, we don’t have a ton to go on aside from a few key details and sneak peeks. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season so far.

Fall Guys Season 2 trailer

Fall Guys Season 2 release date

Developers Mediatronic have now confirmed that Fall Guys Season 2 will start on October 8. Season 1 will also end on October 8, with Double Fame points running from October 5 – 8.



W don’t know exactly what time the new season will start, but hopefully we’ll know more in the days leading up to its release.

Fall Guys Season 2’s theme and new content

As mentioned in the sneak peek trailer, the brand new season will be medieval-themed and will feature costumes based on knights, dragons, witches, wizards, and more.

Players will also be able to jump into new levels based on the medieval theme, with even some new obstacles.


In addition, thanks to both the sneak peek and some new screenshots released by Mediatonic themselves, we know that new medieval-themed variants of existing levels will be making its way into the game during the update as well.

Of course, more information will be coming soon about this new season and when it does, we’ll be sure to update this article to reflect that.