Wiz Khalifa reveals partnership with Pittsburgh-based esports team

by Eli Becht


Rapper Wiz Khalifa announced his partnership with the Pittsburgh Knights, an esports organization based out of home area where he'll be on as a strategic partner.

The Pittsburgh area rapper revealed he would be partnering with the Pittsburgh Knights in an attempt to keep the esports community growing more than it already is.


This news was revealed in an exclusive by Forbes and Wiz touched a bit more on what his role would be with the team in an interview.

At the moment, it seems very up in the air as Knights president James O'Connor said they are happy to have him join.


"He's always ahead of the curve; he's creative and savvy and we admire him and his team for their work ethic," he said. "We're really happy to welcome him into the Knights' family."

With Wiz Khalifa being a music maker, there is always a chance he could create an exclusive theme song for the team, something he touched upon in an interview with Forbes.

"I’m always hands-on with my partnerships and my team will be an extension of the Knights," he told Forbes. "I’m going to be there supporting however I can. I’m a work on the song in time as well."


One of Wiz's first big hits was 'Black and Yellow' which are the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have the Knights under their wing. One of his dreams was to partner with the NFL team in some way and this gave him the option to do so while also doing what he loves.

"Growing up thinking about this wasn’t even imaginable," he said. "We are taking the Knights brand and esports to the next level."

Currently, the Knights field a team in Smite, Paladins, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, Madden, Super Smash Bros., and Gwent.


The future looks bright for the organization if they're able to keep picking up big names like this. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see what Wiz has in store for a potential theme song.