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Valorant Champions 2021: All qualified teams, location, prize pool

Published: 22/Sep/2021 8:50 Updated: 22/Sep/2021 13:19

by Andrew Amos


Valorant Champions is set to be the first world championship for the FPS hit. 16 teams across the world will be duking it out in December for the coveted prize, and some have already made their way to the big dance.

Valorant Champions is going to be the crowning jewel on VCT 2021. Every event ⁠— from Challengers to Masters Iceland and Masters Berlin ⁠— will lead to the multi-million dollar event in December.

Here’s what you need to know about Valorant Champions 2021, including which teams have qualified and those with the best chance of making it to the top 16.



Valorant Champions 2021 details: dates, format, location

Riot has revealed the tournament will start on December 2 and finish on December 12. Champions was originally rumored to take place in LA, but Riot has confirmed that the end-of-year event will also take place in Berlin, the same as Masters 3, conflicting with their plan to host each of their international events in a different region.

Riot’s reasoning for hosting Champions in Berlin is due to the current European travel policies being friendlier and making it easier for all teams to attend.

Sixteen teams across the world will converge to fight for the title of Valorant’s first true world champion. Millions will be on the line, but the exact prize pool hasn’t been confirmed, nor has the format.


We will update you once more information becomes available.

Sentinels Valorant
Riot Games
Sentinels were the first team to qualify for Valorant Champions in December.

All teams qualified for Valorant Champions 2021

Despite the event being months away, 12 of the attending teams are already locked in for Valorant Champions.

Among the teams already confirmed for the world championship is the North American squad Sentinels, who locked in their spot after winning Masters 2: Reykjavik as they earned enough circuit points to not miss out. CIS giants Gambit secured direct entry into Champions after winning Masters 3: Berlin, which means that there will be four EMEA teams at the end-of-the-year event.

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Gambit qualified for Valorant Champions after winning the VCT Masters 3 event

The remaining four spots will be determined by the last-chance qualifiers that will be held in North America, EMEA, South America, and Asia.


We will update this section as more teams qualify across the qualifiers.

Team Region Qualified via
Gambit EMEA Masters Berlin
Sentinels NA NA Circuit Points
Envy NA NA Circuit Points
Acend EMEA EMEA Circuit Points
Fnatic EMEA EMEA Circuit Points
Team Vikings Brazil Brazil Circuit Points
Vivo Keyd Brazil Brazil Circuit Points
Vision Strikers Korea Korea Circuit Points
Crazy Raccoon Japan Japan Circuit Points
X10 Esports Southeast Asia SEA Circuit Points
Team Secret Southeast Asia SEA Circuit Points
KRU Esports
Latin America LATAM Circuit Points
TBD NA NA Last Chance
TBD TBD South America Last Chance
TBD TBD Asia Last Chance

VCT 2021 Circuit Points standings

Teams can qualify for Valorant Champions by getting VCT Circuit Points across 2021. The top teams from every region will automatically qualify for Champions.

Here are each region’s point standings as of VCT Stage 2 Masters finishing, focusing on the top 10.

  • Green = Qualified for Masters.
  • Yellow = Qualified for Last Chance.
  • Red = Missed qualification.

North America

Oceania teams will qualify for NA Last Chance Qualifier through Valorant Oceania Tour Finals.

Ranking Team VCT Points
1 Sentinels 775
2 Envy 450
3 100 Thieves 375
4 Version1 200
5 FaZe Clan 120
5 XSET 90
7 Luminosity 60
8 Cloud9 Blue 50
8 Gen.G 50
8 Rise 50

Europe (including CIS and Turkey)

Middle East teams will qualify for EMEA Last Chance Qualifier through Strike Arabia.

Ranking Team VCT Points
Gambit Qualified as Masters Berlin champions
1 Acend 375
2 Fnatic 350
3 G2 Esports 325
4 Team Liquid 300
5 SuperMassive Blaze 225
5 Oxygen Esports 120
7 Futbolist 120
7 Guild Esports 115
9 forZe 110
10 FunPlus Phoenix 105


Qualifies for South America Last Chance Qualifier alongside LATAM.

Ranking Team VCT Points
1 Team Vikings 350
2 Vivo Keyd 225
3 Sharks Esports 215
4 Havan Liberty 210
5 FURIA Esports 145
6 Gamelanders Blue 135
7 Havan Liberty 65
8 Stars Horizon 45
9 Jaguares Esports 40
9 SLICK 40


Qualifies for Asia Last Chance Qualifier alongside Japan, SEA, and East Asia (TBD).


Ranking Team VCT Points
1 Vision Strikers 415
2 NUTURN Gaming 410
3 F4Q 255
4 DAMWON Gaming 160
5 TNL Esports 495
5 Prince 80
7 GochuGaru 40
8 World Game Star 40
10 TBD 0


Qualifies for Asia Last Chance Qualifier alongside Korea, SEA, and East Asia (TBD).

Ranking Team VCT Points
1 Crazy Raccoon 475
3 REJECT 140
4 Northeption 90
5 Fennel 80
6 Feeling 45
6 Insomnia 45
6 BlackBird Ignis 40
9 Lag Gaming 40
10 SCARZ 30

South East Asia

Qualifies for Asia Last Chance Qualifier alongside Korea, Japan, and East Asia (TBD).

Ranking Team VCT Points
1 X10 Esports 295
2 Team Secret 225
2 Paper Rex 225
5 BOOM Esports 115
6 Alter Ego 80
6 Team SMG 70
8 CBT Gaming 60
9 CERBERUS Esports 50
10 Team Big BAAM 50

Latin America

Qualifies for South America Last Chance Qualifier alongside Brazil.

Ranking Team VCT Points
1 KRU Esports 495
2 Six Karma 200
3 Australs 175
4 Infinity 170
5 LAZER 150
6 Border Monsters 115
7 9z Team 110
7 Furious Gaming 45
9 Meta Gaming 45
9 VELOX 40