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SypherPK explains why Fortnite World Cup qualifiers could be “an absolute joke”

Published: 12/Apr/2019 19:04 Updated: 12/Apr/2019 19:41

by Albert Petrosyan


The qualifiers for the Fortnite is largely negative following what has been a series of in-game changes during Season 8 that many have opposed.

One of the biggest gripes that players have with the game is the continued existence of the Baller vehicle, which many from the competitive community have come out and bashed for being too overpowered and noncompetitive.

SypherPK’s rant about the Baller

On April 12, popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber SypherPK took to Twitter to share his thoughts on what kind of effect the Baller could have on the Fortnite World Cup and its qualifier tournaments.

“I just want to say if Fortnite keeps the Hamster Balls in the World Cup Qualifiers or Finals, then the tournament will be an absolute joke,” he tweeted. “If you don’t understand why the hamster balls are noncompetitive and make for a terrible viewing and playing experience, then I don’t know…”

Sypher, who is considered to be one of the better players in the game, announced several weeks ago that he will be taking competing a lot more seriously for the World Cup, whereas previously, his content was based more on casual gameplay. 

Why don’t Fortnite players like the Baller?

Most players would agree that the Baller simply has no place in the competitive scene, as fundamental aspects of the vehicle just don’t go well with how competitive matches play out.

The main concern has always been with the Baller’s overpowered nature, and the fact that players can simply hide in one and use it to move around in such a way that makes them difficult to take down, especially in the all-important endgame phase of matches.

Despite the recent nerf to Ballers, they continue to be very powerful in Fortnite, especially during the endgame.

Epic Games nerf the Baller

In an attempt to appease the competitive community, Epic decided to implement some changes to the Baller that saw its health be decreased from 300 to 200.

However, the plans that were originally announced by Epic – to give players the ability to shoot through the Baller’s glass outer layer and hit the driver – have apparently been scrapped after they said “it didn’t feel like the right solution” following a trial phase.

Epic GamesWith 10 weeks of qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup set to begin, fans are begging Epic Games to disable the Ballers.

Will the Baller be removed before the World Cup?

Epic have confirmed that the Fortnite World Cup will be played during Season 10, which means that the qualifiers and the final event will together span over three different Seasons (8-10).

With how Epic have treated controversial additions in the past, mainly the X-4 Stormwing plane, it would seem that the Ballers won’t be removed from the game until at least the start of Season 9.

However, if  Epic have been one thing it’s unpredictable, so no one really knows how long the Ballers will be there or even what would replace them once they get removed.


SypherPK explains why competitive Fortnite’s momentum is slowing down

Published: 18/Jan/2021 4:28 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 4:35

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite’s competitive scene once had a lot of momentum, but now it’s slowed down to a stand-still for several reasons, and SypherPK explained why.

Fortnite exploded into the competitive esports world, and it’s been in the mix ever since. But although it’s still alive and well, its momentum has slowed down quite a bit.

Professional players like Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ David Fish have expressed their concerns about the dwindling prize-pool. And one of the most popular players in the scene, William ‘Zayt’ Aubin, announced his retirement because he wasn’t having fun.

The game is still incredibly popular. However, the competitive scene is in dire straits, and Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan explained why. Here’s what he had to say.

SypherPK Fortnite Pay-To-Win Skins
Fortnite players can always trust SypherPK’s opinions and insights on the game.

“A lot of people recently have been saying that Fortnite competitive is dying,” he said. “I personally don’t think it’s dying, but momentum is slowing down. Something [needs to be] done to rejuvenate and re-motivate people, because… momentum is dwindling, and I can explain why.”

“NRG Zayt, who is one of the longest-running pro players from back in the OG days, decided to retire,” he said. “He’s still been placing really well in tournaments, [but] he might have lost motivation because… the prize pool is extremely low compared to what it used to be.”

“Another thing that has shifted is the fun factor,” he said. “Back in the day, content creators used to play tournaments for fun. You had people like CouRageJD and TimTheTatman playing. It drove viewership [numbers up]… even though [they] didn’t necessarily win. That doesn’t really happen anymore.”

Epic Games Fortnite World Cup Canceled 2021
Nick Statt
Fortnite fans haven’t been able to attend a LAN tournament for quite some time.

“Another [problem]… is the LAN tournaments,” he said. “For a good reason, we can’t have LAN events. But [they] drew more importance to them. People would be able to see competitors… and their reactions. We lost that, and we probably won’t get that back until 2022.”

“[Some of] the most memorable… moments [revolved] around LAN events,” he added. “You get more attracted to the storylines of the players. It feels more important. Right now, there is not as much story involved.”

“On top of that, when Epic Games is doing the live stream, they still use the spectator mode,” he said. “[It’s] laggy and choppy and doesn’t allow you to see the real skill that some of these players have.”

In the end, though, SypherPK re-iterated his belief that competitive Fortnite isn’t dying. However, he is convinced that it’s momentum is at an all-time low and thinks it needs to pick back up again. Only time will tell whether that happens.

Either way, Fortnite’s competitive scene isn’t as strong as it used to be. The signs are worrying, and if more players and viewers keep jumping ship, it will be interesting to see how Epic Games respond.