Splitgate Pro Series Winter final results: Portal Demons win top prize

Calum Patterson
Splitgate Finals results
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The dominant Portal Demons have taken top spot in Splitgate Pro Series’ Winter season, after crushing the competition from start to finish. Here are the full results, and what to look out for when the next season rolls around.

The Splitgate Pro Series returned in 2022 for the Winter series, pitting the 8 best teams in the world against each other for their share of the $60,000 finals prize pool.

Coming into the finals, Portal Demons had already established their dominance in the league, starting out with a 6-1 record in the regular season of the Pro Series.

But, the competition was hot on their heels, with We Got Lucky also keeping up with a 6-1 record, albeit with a worse map win percentage.

Splitgate Pro Series Winter 2022 – Results

Portal Demons defeated Revenge Tour and No Sleep on the way to finals, before facing off against No Sleep for a second time in the grand final.

Both matches against No Sleep came down to a final map, but each time Portal Demons closed out the series 3-2 – securing 1st place.

Splitgate Pro Series winter final results


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Portal Demons’ Hypnos was named MVP after the final, secured with a 1.65 K/D at finals – and even more impressive 1.85 throughout the regular season.

If No Sleep had managed to win the final map, it would have been pushed to a second best of 5, but clutch performances in the final match secured Portals Demons’ place at the top.

Challengers still to come

However, the Winter Season is not quite done yet. Still to come are the Challengers Playoffs and the Relegation Playoffs, on March 19 and 20 respectively.

The top two teams will not only secure their place in relegation playoffs, but also ASTRO A40 TR Headsets and a cash prize.

Full details on the Challengers schedule and how to watch can be found here.

After the conclusion of the Winter Season, the Pro Series will be back later in 2022.