Smash Ultimate exploit leads to Joker x Pokemon Trainer doubles ban

Michael Gwilliam

A bug involving Pokemon Trainer and Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate has resulted in the two fighters being banned from being played together in duos at Glitch 7. 

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The bug, which could easily be exploited, gained traction after Sonic Fiend posted a video to Twitter showing the interaction. 

Basically, when Pokemon Trainer and Joker are on the same team, if a Pokemon has been damaged and recalled near his teammate, Joker’s Rebel Gauge will fill and call Arsene faster. Arsene is Joker’s “Persona” and essentially buffs each of his moves, including his recovery.

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“So as JaDX in Ciphercord discovered watching Treta 2019, if PT switches in a team with Joker after being damaged, it will fill Rebel gauge and call Arsene faster,” Fiend wrote.

“I believe this is because the game registers each Pokemon as a new character and dumps in free meter to compensate,” he added. 

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In the right hands, Joker is arguably the best fighter in the game. EchoFox’s Leonardo ‘MKLeo’ Lopez Perez used the character to win EVO 2019 and Super Smash Con.

Now, Glitch has decided to ban the Glitch. Rather than just implementing some sort of rule specifically for changing Pokemon near Joker, tournament organizer TheTantaIus is banning the two from teaming. 

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“Just want to announce publicly that the pairing of Joker and Pokemon Trainer in doubles will be banned until Nintendo patches it out,” the TO said. “If they don’t patch it by next tuesday then the ban stays in affect for Glitch 7.” 

Glitch 7 is scheduled for September 14-15 in Laurel, Maryland.

Pokemon Trainer players can control three different fighters, but only one at a time.
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The premier event has some star-studded entrants including EVO runner-up Tweek, Samsora (the man who ended MKLeo’s Joker win streak), Nairo, Esam, Salem, and Void. 

As time ticks down, it’s looking more and more likely than Joker – Pokemon Trainer pairings may need to go their separate ways.