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Shroud trolls 100 Thieves by calling them a “merch team”

Published: 5/Jul/2021 20:59

by Bill Cooney


Shroud is one of the best-known Twitch streamers around, and while he’s not officially signed to any esports org, he is a fan of 100 Thieves – but based on recent comments, they don’t seem to make things easy for him.

100 Thieves have been the talk of the town lately thanks to their new ‘Foundations’ merch line that dropped at the beginning of July.

While parts of the internet were complaining about the price of some of the items, shroud said he still backed the Thieves, even if they were just a “merch team.”

Now shroud probably doesn’t have an issue with paying $135 for a hoodie (sorry, an anorak), but he couldn’t resist giving Nade and the boys a little ribbing after the line dropped.


“100 Thieves might be my favorite… merch team,” the streamer quipped. “Like honestly, they’re by far my favorite org, when it comes to merch.”

Jokes aside though, shroud did say that being a 100 Thieves Valorant fan can be a harrowing experience. They’re one of the top teams in NA, but it does seem like once they get on a roll they run into a match that’s much closer than it really should be.

“I feel like I have very high hopes whenever I talk about 100 Thieves,” he explained “Every time I talk about them, and I have such high hopes, and then they always have the scariest, closest match ever.”


Shroud very well could have been talking about 100 Thieves recent performance in the North America Stage 3 Challengers 1 – Open Qualifier. 100T did manage to qualify, but not before two matches that should have been easy 2-0’s against SoaR and Noble went the distance at 2-1 apiece. 

Perhaps victory in Stage 3 will get Shroud to finally acknowledge 100 Thieves as more than just a “merch team,” but in the meantime we have to admit the ‘Foundations’ drop does look pretty dang clean.