Rick Fox willing to stay with Echo Fox following racism scandal, on one condition

by Albert Petrosyan


After it seemed inevitable that he would be parting ways with Echo Fox, owner Rick Fox revealed the one condition that would compel him to stay with the organization.


It has not been an easy last week or so for Rick Fox, whose tenure with Echo Fox was severely at risk after he declared that he would be leaving the org following an business incident during which a "significant shareholder" had displayed racism.

While his declaration of departure was rock solid at the time, his stance has apparently changed in recent days, opening the door for the possibility that he will remain with the company.


Rick Fox willing to stay, but on one condition

Speaking with a TMZ reporter on May 3, Fox revealed that he is willing to stay with Echo Fox, the esports org he founded when he first purchased Gravity Gaming back in 2015.

However, Fox revealed that would only happen if the org met his one condition - if they severed ties with the investor whose outward display of racism was what compelled Fox to want to leave in the first place.

"I am not looking to go anywhere," he said. "But I will not stay in business with a racist. I just won't"


While it may seem to be a very cut-and-dry proposition in theory, as Fox explains, it could potentially be difficult for Echo Fox to meet the condition since being racist isn't exactly illegal, so the org can't simply cast him aside.

"The unfortunate thing is being a racist in America is not illegal, unfortunately," he explained. "He has his own economic interests and his own rights. So, no one is going to trample on his rights."

Riot Games
Riot Games
Rick Fox has been involved with Echo Fox since 2015, helping the organization grow into a huge esports brand.

Echo Fox racism scandal

Fox's statements come in the aftermath of a massive racism scandal within the ranks of Echo Fox which involved a partner within Vision Esports, the investment group that put money into Echo Fox.

On April 25, Fox announced to all major stakeholders that he would be leaving Echo Fox because of racism that was displayed, revealing that there had been "threats" made to his family as well.

Later that day, Echo Fox put out a statement confirming the allegations to be true, revealing that there had been multiple incidents of "racial epithets" used by the shareholder in question, Mr Amit Raizada.

Raizada's legal team denied the accusations of racism towards Rick Fox, stating: "First, Mr. Raizada has never used or made a racial epithet or statement towards Mr. Fox or anyone in his family." However, Raizada admitted to using a racial epithet "directly towards" Jace Hall, during a "heated" email exchange.

Echo Fox - Twitter
Echo Fox - Twitter
Echo Fox have since confirmed Rick Fox's accusations to be true, stating that a shareholder had indeed used racist remarks during a business interaction.

What happens next?

As has pretty much been made clear at this point, Rick Fox's continued involvement with Echo Fox essentially rests on whether the company will continue doing business with the investor that had displayed racism in his business dealings.

It's quite understandable that Fox would want to stay on board with the organization he founded and built, seeing as how it's literally his namesake. 

Whatever ends up happening, Echo Fox will definitely want the situation handled as quickly and unceremoniously as possible, so that it ultimately doesn't start affecting their operations and the performances of their teams and players.

Echo Fox are currently involved in the competitive scenes of League of Legends, multiple fighting games, Madden, Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends, and other well known esports.