Rick Fox Responds To Publication Of New Raizada Emails

by Richard Lewis
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Following yesterday’s publication of further evidence that showed that Echo Fox shareholder Amit Raizada had made threats against Rick Fox’s family, Rick Fox has reached out to Dexerto in response and provided a statement further detailing the abuses he has received from his business partner.


After Dexerto published a leaked email that showed Fox signaling his intent to leave the North American esports organisation, there has been a drip-feed of explanations and evidence put out into the public domain. 

This statement is the first from Fox to truly expand on the specifics and even goes so far as to rebuff some of the claims presented by Raizada’s legal team, including this notion that the two were long-standing friends.

The Player's Tribune
The Player's Tribune
Rick Fox has expressed his intention to leave Echo Fox if they continue to do business with Amit Razaida.


First, they state: “Mr. Raizada has never used or made a racial epithet or statement towards Mr. Fox or anyone in his family.” 

This is not true. I have been informed of multiple instances where he has called me a “Sand N***er.” In addition to his racial comments about me, he has admitted to his additional racist comments toward Jace Hall.


Second, Mr. Raizada’s attorneys state that “Mr. Raizada has never threatened Mr. Fox or anyone in his family. Any allegations or suggestions to the contrary are simply false.” This statement is false. In an email from Mr. Raizada to my attorney, dated January 22, 2019 Mr. Raizada stated, in all caps – “NO DEAL ON ANYTHING AND IF RICK DOES NOT DO HIS DUTIES I’LL PERSONALLY FUCK HIM AND HIS FAMILY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE.” This shows his intent to injure me and my family. He has also made similar verbal statements to me to try and threaten me to do what he wants.

Finally, his attorneys state that “Mr. Fox and Mr. Raizada had previously enjoyed a 20 year long deep personal friendship and have been and are currently involved in several business dealings together.” This is an exaggeration. I was introduced to Mr. Raizada approximately 20 years ago by a former business manager. From the early 2000s to 2015 I had no business or personal dealings with him. In 2015 I was asked to reach out to Mr. Raizada and help him order his life. In his move to LA he presented some business opportunities and I in turn introduced him to esports which turns out to have been a mistake. I do not consider Mr. Raizada a deep personal friend. I regret having ever done business with him, considering him in my opinion to be one of the most manipulative and unethical people I have ever met. I am entangled with him in some business interests and am actively trying to get out of those businesses. I have no interest in being involved in any business in which Mr. Raizada is directly or indirectly involved. If he were not a part of Echo Fox, I have no issue continuing with the other partners or new partners. Excluding Mr. Raizada, I already have amazing partners, a great staff, the top pro players in all of esports and sponsors who share our values of equality which all make for a bright future at Echo Fox.”

Amit Razaida (middle right), founding partner of Vision Venture Partners Group, has denied any allegations that he threatened Rick Fox or his family.

We are still waiting for a response from Raizada following the publication of our story. The revelations about Raizada’s behaviour also seem to have brought other partners out the woodwork alleging similar complaints. 

New esports publication Upcomer today published texts purported to be from Raizada to a former business partner David Vittor that contained anti-Semitic insults

Vittor had previously invested in other Raizada projects and was involved in a lawsuit against Raizada.

There has still been no word from Echo Fox’s board about what they intend to do moving forward. Rick Fox has made it clear he will not stay if Raizada remains a part of the operation but Raizada seems to be standing firm despite the public response to his actions. 

As always we shall bring you more on this story as this situation continues to develop.