Overwatch League pro IZaYaKI suffers collapsed lung and is receiving treatment

IZaYaki posing in Boston Uprising jersey with team logo and colors in background.Boston Uprising

Overwatch pro player IZaYaKI has suffered a collapsed lung and is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

The Overwatch League just had its opening weekend for the new season. Many fans were excited to see the revamped Boston Uprising team’s exciting new roster in action.

Uprising would end up taking two victories with a 3-0 over New York Excelsior and a 3-1 against London Spitfire. IZaYaKI played in all seven maps swapping between Ana and Brigitte.

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However, it’s the news that followed these games that has drawn attention with the Boston Uprising star suffering a collapsed lung.

IZaYaki is recovering and in good spirits after collapsed lung scare

The official Boston Uprising Twitter account announced on May 2 that support player IZaYaKI had suffered a collapsed lung.

Updating fans on the incident the account posted: “Yesterday IZaYaKI suffered a collapsed lung. He received immediate care at a local hospital and is now under the supervision of a specialist.”

Boston Uprising would continue on to confirm that the support star is doing well: “He is in good spirits and great hands, but will be away from the team as he recovers. Please send your love and support for a speedy recovery.”

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CDL team Boston Breach would respond to the announcement with a video wishing IZaYaKI a speedy recovery and saying they are excited to see him in the training facilities again. Both the Boston Breach and Boston Uprising are owned by the Kraft Sports Group.

It is currently unknown how long IZaYaKI will be unavailable to play. At the very least, his absence will see the Uprising rotate in a different support line-up for the upcoming weekend.

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It is expected that LeeJaeGon and Twilight will start together in the upcoming games against the Justice and Titans. Both players have experience at the highest level having won a championship at the Dragons and Shock respectively.