LIVE: Overwatch League 2023 Rostermania hub: All OWL roster changes and rumors

Overwatch League stageBlizzard

With the 2022 Overwatch League season now in the rearview mirror, Rostermania is officially underway. As the latest OWL offseason continues to deliver major shakeups, we’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the latest team changes heading into the 2023 season.

When all was said and done in the 2022 OWL season, it was Dallas Fuel standing atop the pack after a dominant run through the playoffs. With a revamped Korean roster, the North American organization was able to hoist its first finals trophy.

But with this triumph now in the history books, the Overwatch scene has quickly moved on to look ahead at the playing field in 2023. With uncertainty surrounding the league, many teams dropping their entire rosters, and a number of veterans calling it a day, it’s already been one of the more chaotic offseasons we’ve ever seen.

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So to help keep you on top of all the latest developments, we’ve got you covered here with a full overview of the latest OWL 2023 Rostermania news.

Dallas Fuel 2022 OWL winBlizzard
Although Dallas Fuel struck gold in 2022, the next season is already drawing near with new squads eager to take the throne.

Current OWL 2023 rosters

TeamCurrent RosterCoaches
Atlanta ReignHawk, vigilante, Stalk3r, LIP, Fielder, ChiYoGator, WizardHyeong
Boston Uprisingbirdring, Striker, Decay, smurf, LeeJaeGon, Izayaki, Kalios, TwilightDongsu, Sup7eme
Chengdu HuntersJinMu, Leave, Nisha, GA9A, Mmonk, DaiziYaoxie
Dallas FuelSp9rk1e, Hanbin, Edison, MCD, BlizzRUSH, Aid, Rascal
Florida MayhemCheckmate, SOMEONE, Rupal, MER1T, Sauna, CH0R0NGGunba, McGravy
Guangzhou ChargeChoiSehwan, Farway1987, Xerneas, Jimmy, PIGGYSungwoo, Tydolla
Hangzhou Sparkguxue, Shy, TBARUI
Houston OutlawsPelican, Fearless, Shu, Happy, TBANeko
London SpitfireSparkR, Backbone, Hadi, Admiral, LandonChrisTFer, CommanderX
LA Gladiatorskevster, FunnyAstro, Lastro, Dantehface, Unter, SMASH
LA Valiant
NY Excelsior
Paris EternalDove, Lukemino, Rakattack, MaltheL, VulcanEmpress
San Francisco ShockViol2t, FiNN, Proper, HeeSang, MAX, VindaimCrusty, NineK
Seoul DynastyProfittobi, MMA
Seoul InfernalMN3, ZESTJ1N, Chara, SUGMIN
Shanghai Dragons
Toronto DefiantHydron, Speedily, s9mm, Coluge, Ojee, UltraViolet, SirMajedCasores
Vancouver TitansAspire, Punk, Faith, Crimzo, SugarfreeAscoft
Washington JusticeGetAmazed

All teams have until March 13 to finalize their rosters for the 2023 OWL season.

Latest OWL 2023 Rostermania changes and rumors tracker

January 31

January 24

January 19:

  • The LA Gladiators have announced the signing of former Houston Outlaws star Danteh to their lineup.

January 16:

  • Seoul Dynasty have announced that they have re-signed DPS player Profit, who had left the team in November.

January 13:

January 10

  • The New York Excelsior are struggling to assemble a roster that includes marginalized-gender players as most Overwatch pros “aren’t interested” in joining such a project, according to insider Arran ‘haloofthoughts’ Spake.
  • Hangzhou Spark have announced RUI as their new head coach. The Chinese coach brings a wealth of experience to the team after previously guiding the Shanghai Dragons, the Chengdu Hunters, and Team China for the 2018 and 2019 Overwatch World Cups.

January 9

  • The Chengdu Hunters DPS duo of JinMu and Leave could be on their way to the Hangzhou Spark, according to rumors in Korea. LA Valiant support Lengsa could be going to the Hangzhou Spark or the Shanghai Dragons.

January 6

  • SPADE and the LA Gladiators have parted ways, the North American organization has announced. This brings an end to the North American Tank’s three-year association with the LA-based franchise.
  • The LA Gladiators have parted ways with Support player skewed, who had competed with the organization since 2021.

January 5

January 4

January 2

  • Kalios: Free Agent → Boston Uprising
  • Twilight: Free Agent → Boston Uprising

January 1

  • MCD: Free Agent → Dallas Fuel
  • Bliss: 02 Blast (Contenders) → Dallas Fuel

December 27

  • Surgarfree: Retired → Vancouver Titans