OpTic H3CZ returns to CEO role

OpTic H3CZ CEOInstagram: Hector Rodriguez

Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez will return as CEO of OpTic after he stepped down from the role in 2021.

H3CZ’s history with the OpTic brand has been quite up and down. After joining the organization OpTic Gaming in 2006, H3CZ has held many positions within OpTic, from player to CEO and President.

Although H3CZ did briefly leave to become the co-owner and co-CEO of NRG in 2019, after he lost ownership of the OpTic brand, he reacquired the brand from Immortals Gaming in 2020.

He led the organization through the acquisition and merger with Envy Gaming, which led the organization to rebrand as OpTic Texas. Envy’s former CEO Adam Rymer stepped into the leadership role as OpTic’s CEO, while Rodriguez remained as President.

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Now that power structure is changing.

H3CZ returns as CEO of OpTic

In a press release, OpTic announced that Rymer would be stepping down from his position as CEO effective immediately and would “transition into a strategic advisory role”.

H3CZ will step back into the vacant CEO role, though there is no indication if this will be a temporary or permanent shift.

It’s also unclear as to why this change is being made. As the release says, Rymer was integral in rebranding Envy as OpTic and helping the organization secure major professional partnerships.

OpTic, H3CZ, and Rymer have not spoken publicly about this decision, and we will update once more news becomes available.

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