NRG investor Alex Rodriguez claims today’s kids won’t outlive parents due to esports - Dexerto

NRG investor Alex Rodriguez claims today’s kids won’t outlive parents due to esports

Published: 19/Aug/2019 10:52 Updated: 19/Aug/2019 11:25

by Connor Bennett


Former Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez has claimed that the current generation of children will be outlived by their parents due to video games and esports.

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As esports and the acceptance of making a career from video games continues to grow, the stigma around sitting in front of a screen for hours upon end has died down a little. Yet, some still harbor the older mentality of gaming titles being dangerous towards someone’s health. 

Yet, even stranger thoughts were aired – in a video tweeted out by esports consultant Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau – by NRG Esports investor Alex Rodriguez who warned that parents would outlive today’s generation of children due to video games and esports.


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Instagram: ARodThe former MLB star is invested into NRG alongside fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

Rodriguez made the claim on August 18 while commentating a Sunday Night Baseball match-up between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates – which was being played in front of a crowd made up of participants in the Little League World Series. 

“This is the first generation of kids that will not outlive their parents – and to think that there are more kids today playing esports than physical sports,” stated the former Yankees star. 

“It’s something that as parents, we have to really promote going outside and playing. When we grew up, there was Atari but you had to go outside and play for 4 or 5 hours. Kids today, too many times, choose to stay inside and play video games.”


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While he clearly disagreed with ARod’s overall point, Slasher did note that exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle is still important – even if you are an esports star or just a casual player.

“Being active, working out is something everyone should do to stay healthy,” he tweeted. “And esports pros & all gamers should be mindful of this when in front of a screen for long hours. But, saying this generation’s kids will die before their parents  ‘bcuz video games’ is some true boomer shit”

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Of course, as Rodriguez may well know from his investment into NRG, esports teams themselves have employed people to ensure that players lead healthy lifestyles as it does help with their performance. 


That switch is helping to make the classic meme of chugging Mountain Dew and tossing back Doritos a tad outdated.