London Esports and Aver establish first CBD partnership in esports on 4/20

. 1 year ago
Aver/London Esports

British esports organization London Esports have announced Aver as their official CBD partner in a move they claim is the first of its kind in the industry.

The team, which compete in League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege, will work with their new partner Aver to “confront stereotypes around bravery” and “champion men’s mental health.”

London Esports and Aver will work together to produce a documentary that explores tackling the stresses of competing or “taking the path less travelled” by pursuing a career as a professional player.

They will both embrace short-form content too to “celebrate shared experiences of success” in esports, documenting moments such as a new pro player receiving their first paycheque.

Aver CBD London Esports Partnership
London Esports
This is the first deal involving CBD in the esports industry.

Aver is a startup that sells products that contain CBD — cannabidiol, an active ingredient in marijuana — such as drinks and oils that helps with “regulating your mood, sleep/wake cycle, immune system,” and other components of maintaining homeostasis.

The new partners will also organize an online fundraising event to raise funds for SANE, a mental health charity. London Esports are keen to support Aver’s mission of tackling stigmas around bravery and men’s mental health.

The British esports org aims to do things differently, according to their marketing director and co-owner Alex Harris, and that includes forming new partnerships with brands not often seen in the industry.

“All year at Aver we’ve been talking about overcoming fear and anxiety, something that’s quite relevant in all our lives right now,” said Aver co-founder Alexander Ames.

“Fear is a useless emotion unless it’s followed by action, but getting from fear to action requires a critical middle step: Bravery. We want to encourage people to take action and ‘Live Braver.’ Partnering with a bunch of young men who took the road less traveled and are living out a dream as a result – that felt pretty spot on.”

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