Jamppi’s tragedy: How a VAC banned CSGO Pro was forced to play Valorant

Esports Jamppi switches to Valorant from CSGO
2021’s Valorant scene is already receiving a shake-up as Counter-Strike’s Jamppi jumps ship into the competitor esport.

Pro player Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen has learned the hard way that friends don’t always do you favors, and with his name tied to a VAC banned CS:GO account, the young player is currently unable to take part in Counter-Strike’s Majors.

With his whole career ahead of him, Jamppi is now set to be moving across to Valorant – is this the right move for the Finnish talent?

Previously starting out with a passion for ice hockey before being introduced to CSGO by a friend, the star eventually fell in love with the esport title. The unfortunate downfall for the star who’s known to carry his teams came about when bought and sold his account to a friend when he was 14. The consequences of what that person did with the account have changed the landscape of his career forever.

With organization OG looking to put together a superteam that consisted of players like Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt and Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen alongside the Finnish star as the main fragger, the discovery of a VAC ban tarnished the star’s name, and the deal was dropped.

While many throughout the community feel sympathy for the star, Valve still has the ban in place, and Jamppi has moved onto greener pastures in Valorant.

Citing that it would be a “fresh start” for him mentally, the ban was always in his mind, and Valorant’s Future Earth allows him a do-over to compete with the best.

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