Intel Inspires giving $150,000 in scholarships to fuel esports careers


Intel and AVGL,’s collegiate gaming event platform, are working together to award over $150,000 in scholarships to budding talent with Intel Inspires, as a part of a larger esports discovery initiative.

The showcase will start on August 28 and aims to bridge the gap between talented young recruits with colleges, universities, and esports orgs. Players from every skill level can strut their abilities in Rocket League, League of Legends, and Fortnite, or as an entertainment in the Streamer Showdown.

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“We’re able to create opportunities for aspiring competitive gamers to be discovered and rewarded for their skills and attributes by colleges and universities around the country” General manager of Intel’s Gaming & Esports Segment, Marcus Kennedy said. “Intel has been dedicated to supporting gamers and esports for over fifteen years, and there’s no better way to do that than igniting the esports careers of tomorrow.”

The partnership is identifying the “industry’s discovery problem” by giving US residents, 13 years and older, a chance to be noticed by institutions who can further their career goals.

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The top 100 players from every game title will be invited to a “combine-like” showcase that will have its hundreds of event partners there to “identify talent and extend try-out invitations with the hopes of pairing qualified, regionally-available players with local programs.”

It’s here at the combine where people will be invited to apply for the $150,000 in scholarships, where entrants will have to enter a two-minute video essay explaining individual academic qualifications and career pursuits.

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While anyone can compete in Intel Inspires, only high school juniors, seniors, and freshman college students will “will be invited to final Invitational” to claim the scholarships.

AVGL collegiate esports trophyAVGL
While there might not be a trophy, aspiring esports players will have the chance to get noticed by orgs at the Intel Inspires event.

There will be two types of scholarships: “Honorary” for individuals, and “Recruitment Confirmed” for students who have been recruited through Intel Inspires events. It’ll be a chance for anyone to attend to potentially walk away with some prospects.

For more information, aspiring-esports players should go to to register and put their name in contention to be the next big star in the industry.

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