ImperialHal criticizes NICKMERCS for playing Warzone 2 over Apex Legends

ImperialHal NICKMERCS Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM/NICKMERCS

ImperialHal has taken another jab at NICKMERCS over his recent Warzone 2 streams and says he is essentially wasting his teammates’ time.

Hal and Nick have been chirping back and forth to each other for most of the latter’s young ALGS career. During this go-around, the TSM mainstay has voiced his opinion on his rival spending so much energy on the wrong battle royale.

Of course, the leader of the MFAM made his name over on the Call of Duty side of the FPS market. However, now that he’s teaming with legitimate top talent in Apex Legends, Hal thinks he should be spending more time catching up to his teammates than returning to his roots.

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The ImperialHal vs NICKMERCS beef rages on over Warzone 2 criticism

Hal was live on Twitch when the conversation in his lobby veered toward Nick’s ALGS squad Tripods.

It didn’t take long for his Warzone 2 streams to become a main piece of the conversation and Hal wasn’t very gentle about his feelings on the situation.

“That’s kinda f***ed up for sure for Nick to do that… Maybe the other two just accept that. But they’re really stupid for that. They’re literally wasting their time. Who’s gonna watch you… if you’re getting dead last or playing terribly what’s the point?” he argued.

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He went on to call out the other two Tripods members for staying quiet on their teammate ‘spending a week playing Warzone’ when he could be practicing. “I feel like no one on that team has the b***s…you’re going to f**k around even a little bit and you’re going to find out.”

He did conclude by wishing Nick well, but it’s clear that the TSM camp thinks he’s wasting his teammates’ time and that the current situation doesn’t bode well for their future.