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Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez announces OpTic Gaming exit

Published: 15/Sep/2019 19:00 Updated: 15/Sep/2019 22:11

by Calum Patterson


Longtime OpTic Gaming CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez has officially announced his departure from the organization in a joint statement with new ownership group Immortals Gaming Club.

Rodriguez, who led the organization since 2007, sold the controlling stake in the company to Infinite Esports & Entertainment in 2017, but after a troubled two years, Infinite was acquired by Immortals in June 2019, along with the OpTic brand.

H3CZ’s position in the new organization was initially unclear, with reports suggesting that he and Immortals CEO Ari Seagal had met to discuss a position for the now-former CEO.

Twitter: Wackman3029H3CZ led OpTic Gaming for almost the entirety of its history.

In a joint statement on September 15, Immortals and Rodriguez confirmed that such meetings had taken place, and although they were “extensive and amicable”, H3CZ “declined the opportunity to remain in his current role with OpTic”.

“I have great respect for the Immortals Organization,” H3CZ explains in the statement, “they have treated me and all of OpTic’s players fairly during this transition period.”

He released a video later in the day thanking all of the fans out there who supported him and OpTic in their journey, while also reassuring them he isn’t going anywhere.

“I’ll never be done doing what it is that I do,” he said. “I’ll never ever ever be done being me because this is my life’s calling. This is my life’s work.”

He also teased his next move by putting on an NRG hoodie at the end of the video.

What’s next for H3CZ?

H3CZ has not officially revealed his future plans in esports, but the statement ends by confirming that “both parties look forward to the new Call of Duty franchised-league.” 

By joining NRG, H3CZ would be involved with the Chicago franchise, which was the previous base of OpTic prior to the Infinite takeover, when operations moved to Texas., 

Under H3CZ’s direction, OpTic became one of the most recognizable brands in all of esports and gaming entertainment, and new franchise organizations will likely find his skills and experience invaluable.

Robert Paul, Blizzard EntertainmentHouston Outlaws was OpTic’s franchise in the Overwatch League.

What’s next for OpTic?

The Call of Duty team is the last remnants of the org, but the future of the 2019 season’s roster is now uncertain, with Crimsix having already announced restricted free agency.

Immortals hold one of two LA franchise spots in OpTic’s name for the upcoming Call of Duty franchise league, starting in 2020, but it’s unclear if any players from the old roster will be retained. The franchise’s name and branding is yet to be announced.

OpTic’s CS:GO and Overwatch League (Houston Outlaws) teams are to be sold off, while the League of Legends LCS team will be rebranded to Immortals in 2020.

Reports suggest that a deal has been agreed for the purchase of Houston Outlaws by Houston real estate investor Lee Zebien, in the region of $40 million.

Shortly after H3CZ’ announcement, longtime member Di3sel also confirmed that he would “ride with my pal”, and leave OpTic.

There has also been an exodus of OpTic content creators, with veterans of the organization like Michael ‘Flamesword’ ChavezWill ‘BigTymeR’ Johnson and Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Blanks all officially leaving.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.

Call of Duty

Zlaner hilariously mocks Warzone fan after he & Dr Disrespect get killed

Published: 29/Nov/2020 23:35

by Theo Salaun


From tears of joy to tears of pain, a Call of Duty: Warzone player was thrilled to outduel Zlaner and Dr Disrespect until he realized that his Verdansk role model reacted by mocking him live on Twitch.

They say to never meet your heroes, but that can be hard to control when dropping into Verdansk’s randomized lobbies. As a perfect example, TikTok Warzone content creator and streamer, ‘maritimemucker,’ happened to encounter one of his longtime role models, Zlaner, on the roof of Superstore.

Mr. Mucker was running an SKS on the hot drop’s rooftop when a jump-shotting opponent rounded the corner, PP19 Bizon in hand. Mucker was able to turn, hit some jump shots himself, and outduel the foe. Excitedly, he quickly recognized that he had downed an upsurging Warzone star in Zlaner.

Afterward, maritimemucker was eager to check out his role model’s stream. But that ended up in heartbreaking fashion, as it turns out the popular streamer had mocked him right as he and the Doc were mowed down.

@maritimemuckerI don’t mean any disrespect Zlaner but you mocked my voice a lil ya know. Big fan and Kilo main now 💯 ##warzone ##Hotmics ##Zlaner ##drdisrespect ##COD♬ original sound – Maritime Mucker

As mucker shared on TIkTok and Reddit, he was shocked and grinning after killing Zlaner: “I got Zlaner, holy s**t … That is unreal … Huge fan of Z, I’ve been watching his s**t after he finally dropped that stupid Fortnite. Unreal.” 

But when he tuned into Z’s stream, he found out that the Warzone star wasn’t impressed with the 1v1 and had, instead, simply mocked Mucker’s death comms. 

Z’s duo, Dr Disrespect, was able to gun down the low-health maritimemucker, but was also quickly killed by the TikToker’s teammate. That gave Zlaner a chance to hear the death comms (as he dealt enough damage to be rewarded with the kill) and the tilted motivation to go high-pitched in mocking the smaller streamer’s excitement.

Warzone Superstore
Infinity Ward
If you’re going to run into streamers in Warzone, it’ll probably be at Superstore.

In response, maritimemucker had to recognize that courtliness had been replaced by classic gamer banter: “Alright, I see how it is, Z.” 

So, of course, he proceeded not to insult Zlaner by words, but instead by alluding that the spectacled streamer looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. 

mike smith bubbles trailer park boys
Wikimedia Commons
The TikToker roasted Zlaner back by comparing him to Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.

Ultimately, though, it’s all in good fun and maritimemucker still respects Z tremendously.

When a Reddit commenter suggested that streamers shouldn’t be looked up to, the mocked duelist replied that some Warzone stars deserve the hype: “There are some genuine great streamers out there, Z is one of them.”