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Esports • Jun 17, 2018

Gfinity Elite Series Australia (Season One) Coverage Hub - Stream, Schedule, Results, Standings and More!


The Gfinity Elite Series will debut in Australia with Season One, where six franchises will compete over seven weeks for a share of $225,000 in prize money.

After success in the UK, the Elite Series has now headed down under, with tournaments in Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

The following hub will feature all the details you need to keep up with the Gfinity Elite Series Australia Season One Championship!


Week Three Results


Perth Ground Zero12-16Sydney Chiefs
Melbourne Avant Gaming16-11Brisbane Deceptors
Melbourne Order16-13Sydney Roar

Rocket League


Perth Ground Zero0-3Sydney Chiefs
Melbourne Avant Gaming3-0Brisbane Deceptors
Melbourne Order0-3Sydney Roar

Street Fighter V


Perth Ground Zero4-2Sydney Chiefs
Melbourne Avant Gaming4-3Brisbane Deceptors
Melbourne Order4-3Sydney Roar

Week Two Results


Perth Ground Zero16-10Sydney Roar
Melbourne Avant Gaming16-13Melbourne Order
Brisbane Deceptors16-7Sydney Chief

Rocket League

Perth Ground Zero3-0Sydney Roar
Melbourne Avant Gaming0-3Melbourne Order
Brisbane Deceptors0-3Sydney Chiefs

Street Fighter V

Perth Ground Zero4-0Sydney Roar
Melbourne Avant Gaming4-3Melbourne Order
Brisbane Deceptors1-4Sydney Chiefs

Week One Results


Perth Ground Zero16-12Melbourne Avant Gaming
Sydney Roar16-2Sydney Chiefs
Brisbane Deceptors11-16Melbourne Order

Rocket League

Perth Ground Zero3-0Melbourne Avant Gaming
Sydney Roar2-3Sydney Chiefs
Brisbane Deceptors1-3Melbourne Order

Street Fighter V

Perth Ground Zero16-12Melbourne Avant Gaming
Sydney Roar16-2Sydney Chiefs
Brisbane Deceptors11-16Melbourne Order


Gfinity Elite Series Australia Season One is a seven-week tournament, with $225,000 up for grabs — one of the biggest in Australian esports history.

Season One will feature six clubs, each fielding teams over three esports titles: Counter Strike: Global Offensive (5v5), Rocket League (3v3), Street Fighter V (3v3 — played as three 1v1 games).

The regular season will take place for the first five weeks, with the finals then lasting two weeks.

The Elite Series has attracted some of the biggest names in Australian esports, as the hugely popular British organizer expands its league down under.

Prize Money

Broadcast Schedule

The Clubs

Melbourne Avant

Base: Melbourne, VIC

Counter-Strike Roster: jhd, breakerr, fakedaN, zeph, urbz, hazr, Danz, MoeyCQ, pecks

Rocket League Roster: ZeN, Sammy, Hectic, yeatzy, blu3y, Plitz

Street Fighter Roster: Sythe, dailou, Spaceghost, RumoursOfGhosts, AwildLLAMA, Likeross

Melbourne Order

Base: Melbourne, VIC

Counter-Strike Roster: spookr, Swede, towski, hatz, emagine, liazz, Nikkez, Sico, aliStair, Raz, Sonic, Mizu

Rocket League Roster: Shadey, Dumbo, aoe_emp, express, Golde, Enigma

Street Fighter Roster: BurnoutFighter, Zed, Bug, Travis Styles, ROF, MiM

Sydney Chiefs

Base: Sydney, NSW

Counter-Strike Roster: tama, Dizzy, Doom, iyen, bURNRUOk, Flickz, ap0c, ins, lushbadger, Hazz, Pili, Busta

Rocket League Roster: Drippay, Jake, Toross, CJM, Tulendeena, Limm

Street Fighter Roster: bksama, Somniac, ZG, pahnda, Falco, Robsux

Perth Ground Zero

Base: Perth, WA

Counter-Strike Roster: willyKS, InJect, xeL, xtinct, apocdud, Dissonance, Waffe, Kaotik

Rocket League Roster: Addzey, Daisu, cyrix, Siki, Delusion, Montyconnor

Street Fighter Roster: Staticz, Schenkhan, Syo, Rupps, DookyT, Caesura

Sydney Chiefs

Base: Sydney NSW

Counter-Strike Roster: Havoc, iNSanity, Destiny, Dezibel, TopguN, wizard, Chuch, iNfrequent

Rocket League Roster: Change, Bullet, justicerobo, Cobbo, Ghost, Potatoe

Street Fighter Roster: BEN$, FREESER, AcrylicSaint, Cadzow, 1kmodem, Dale

Brisbane Deceptors

Base: Brisbane, QLD

Counter-Strike Roster: konii, YetiBacon, JD, m0nt, Raizy, Artemis, gotz, Mattcd, Peachy, Riv

Rocket League Roster: Cruzza, coop0, Smiths, SlurpeeMonster, Le Mon, Curt0h

Street Fighter Roster: GhostChips, robbiesla, m0nt, Bao Special, Camzace, Rimey

Attending Gfinity Elite Series Australia

You can watch the Gfinity Elite Series Australia live, from the HOYTS Entertainment Quarter in Sydney! Click here to purchase your tickets:


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