Fighting game pro injures himself in crazy celebration after tournament win

CakeAssault pops offTwitter

A Rivals of Aether pro’s celebration after winning a tournament was so intense, he ended up actually suffering an injury in the process.

Fighting game player Alex ‘CakeAssault’ Strobel took celebrations to the next level after coming first place in the Riptide Major, beating out Penguin to take home the crown.

What followed was an unbelievable sight with the fighting prodigy literally leaping out of his seat, dancing, and jumping like Gollum in Return of the King after finally holding onto The Ring again.

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Unlike Lord of the Rings, however, the floor wasn’t lava and CakeAssault found himself rolling on the ground and lying on his back just soaking in his achievement.

As it turns out, the celebration wasn’t intended to go to the ground. Taking to Twitter, the Rivals of Aether star revealed he suffered an injury during the celebration and that’s why he hit the floor.

“I fell on the ground during that popoff because I dislocated my shoulder,” he wrote, but remained in good spirits, tacking on a “lmao” to the message.

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Luckily, he seems to be doing well, writing that he was “mostly” okay when fans inquired about his condition.

Hopefully, he’ll be good to go by the time the next major tournament rolls around and this time there won’t be any injuries after a popoff.

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