FaZe Clan reveals collab with Xbox to celebrate 11th anniversary

Faze XBOX MerchFaZe Clan, Microsoft

Just in time for May 30, or FaZe Day to fans of the iconic esports org, the squad have teamed up with Microsoft to release an exclusive Xbox 360 themed merch collection to mark their 11th anniversary.

FaZe Clan’s roots as an organization began with Call of Duty sniping, back when the Xbox 360 was the king of consoles. They’ve since expanded into all areas of esports, and content creation, but for their 11th anniversary, they’re taking it back to where it all began.

The iconic band are ready to celebrate in style with a new merch collab with Microsoft, inspired by the Xbox 360.

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FaZe Xbox MerchFaZe Clan
The content surrounding FaZe’s merch drop looks like it’ll be a banger.

FaZe x Xbox 11th Anniversary Merch

Described as being “especially nostalgic and meaningful for the original members of FaZe Clan who met back in 2010 while playing on Xbox Live,” the collab will feature an “extremely limited-edition collection of “t-shirts, hoodie, [a] varsity jacket and more.”

FaZe co-owner Banks describes the venture as “a dream come true,” noting that “this collaboration is extremely special to us because it brings us back to our roots and celebrates how far we’ve come from just being kids who love playing video games to a massive global organization.”

“We are stoked to share this with our incredible fans who have been with us since the beginning. Happy 11th birthday to FaZe fam!!”

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The drop will be accompanied by some fun YouTube content, as well as an “animated content piece featuring a digital rendering of FaZe Clan’s first New York house and paying tribute to the role Xbox 360 had in the organization’s formative years.”

Where to buy FaZe X Xbox merch

FaZe XBOX merchFaZe Clan
If you fancy snagging your own little slice of FaZe history, you’ll need to be quick.

It’s important to note that the FaZe merch is very limited, so if you’re looking to snag some new gear you’ll need to be quick.

All of the merch can be found on the official FaZe website, with prices ranging from $36-$160.

When does the merch drop?

The FaZe x Xbox merch will drop on May 30 – the 11th anniversary of the org and the day fans affectionately dub ‘FaZe Day.’

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In terms of how early you need to get up or how long you need to stay awake for, the merch drops at 12PM PST/3PM EST/8PM BST/9PM CET.