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Esports • Jun 05, 2019

Ex-CLG CEO explain why OpTic will be sold to Immortals over H3CZ regardless of offer size

Ex-CLG CEO explain why OpTic will be sold to Immortals over H3CZ regardless of offer size
Immortals Gaming Club / OpTic Gaming

Former Counter Logic Gaming CEO Devin Nash explains why he thinks OpTic Gaming will be sold to Immortals Gaming Club instead of Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez, despite the fact they could be leaving money on the table if they go that route.


With OpTic Gaming on the verge of a potential buyout, rumors have been swirling about who the team will be offloaded to. 

Two of the best guesses include either Immortals or H3CZ taking control of the team, as parent company Infinite Esports looks to sell the organization. H3CZ revealed he is trying to purchase the team, but now the question remains of whether Infinite wants to sell to him. Devin Nash doesn't think so.

OpTic Gaming - YouTube
H3CZ is one of the potential buyers of OpTic Gaming.


Could OpTic sell for less money?

Nash argues that while H3CZ could possibly offer more money to acquire the team, OpTic might end up going to Immortals due to the fact they are a large and respected company with numerous backers. 

"I would assume Texas Esports would wish to sell to Immortals Gaming Club because of the track record of those investors versus selling back to Hector which is just a dude."

Who will be buying OpTic?


He brings up the point that Twitch had the option to go to either Amazon or Google, and while Google offered more money, Twitch settled with Amazon based on the strength of their partnerships.

Nash explains venture capitalists care about the reputation of a company, something H3CZ wouldn't be able to match.

"My prediction on this is that OpTic will sell to IDC," he says. "The real question is how much of it will sell?"

OpTic were Call of Duty champs in 2017.


He doesn't believe that all hope is lost for H3CZ and there is still a way he could acquire at least some part of OpTic, even if it doesn't sound likely.

"IDC seems to be predominately curious about their LCS brand and LCS franchise slot in North America but it would be hard for me to believe that they would just dump the rest of the OpTic brand and give it to Hector for next to nothing," he says. "It's possible that Hector could buy aspects of the OpTic brand back but there's all kinds of questions around if he can name it OpTic Gaming since they control the trademark."

(Nash begins this discussion about the sale around the 15-minute mark)


Whatever is happening with OpTic Gaming, a resolution is certainly on the horizon. The longer this drags out, the more complicated and messy it gets for everyone involved.

Disclaimer: Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.

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