Esports Awards 2020: categories, finalists, more

by Alan Bernal


The 2020 Esports Awards nominees and categories have been announced, with incredible talent and industry veterans from the competitive gaming world selected to be in the runnings for the show’s sixth edition.

Since 2015, the Esports Awards has been “dedicated to showcasing top class performance and innovation from, amongst others, the players, teams, media, hardware providers, games, events and personalities within the scene.”


Since the industry has grown from an emerging sector of niche entertainment to the giant it is now - a staple of entertainment for millions of people around the world - the Esports Awards recognizes those who have done outstanding work to further develop the landscape.

From the players on the stage to the workers covering all of the action, the ceremony has been a momentous occasion for esports.


Take a look at the nominee's for the Awards' biggest categories below:

Streamer of the Year

  • Dr Lupo
  • Summit1G
  • Ibai
  • Swagg
  • Pokimane
  • Gaules
  • CourageJD
  • Asmongold
  • TimTheTatman
  • xQc
  • Mortal

Esports Awards

Esports Personality of the Year

  • Ocelote
  • Sjokz
  • HECZ
  • Goldenboy
  • Dr Lupo
  • Froskurinn
  • Nadeshot
  • Faker
  • Fallen

Esports Awards

Esports Collegiate Award

  • Nace
  • Kevin Hoang
  • Nuel
  • Tespa
  • University of California, Irvine
  • College Carball
  • Tyrelle Appleton
  • Full Sail University

Esports Awards

Esports Content Creator of the Year

  • Ashley Kang
  • HECZ
  • Esports Talk
  • Nadeshot
  • Musty
  • UpUpDownDown

Esports Awards

Esports Mobile Game of the Year

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Free Fire
  • Brawl Stars
  • Clash Royale
  • COD Mobile
  • Mobile Legends
  • Clash of Clans
  • Arena of Valor

Esports Awards

This article will be updated when the Esports Awards Spotlight Shows reveal the Industry, Creative, Pro and On-Air Talent categories in the following months.

Make sure to stay tuned to see who will be nominated for the rest of the categories and vote here to cast your ballot for who deserves recognition in the 2020 Esports Awards Show.