ESL give final ruling on FaZe Clan match fixing allegations in Rainbow 6 Pro League

ESL have issued their final ruling on the allegations of match fixing between FaZe Clan and Black Dragons in the Rainbow Six Pro League. 

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The world of esports was shocked several weeks ago when prominent esports organization FaZe Clan were accused of fixing a match with Black Dragons in LATAM Pro League Season 9.

At the time, Black Dragons analyst Thiago ‘Thyy’ Nycézio reportedly claimed that their player Juninho ‘GdNN1’ Nunes had struck an agreement with FaZe’s Ronaldo ‘ion’ Osawa, a former Black Dragons player, to fix their match on April 10.

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However, in their June 12 competitive ruling, ESL announced that they had found Black Dragons guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior and providing misleading information.

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As a result of the ruling, Black Dragons have received two major penalty points in total, one for not being able to show up on schedule, and the other for deliberately causing internet issues that led to them intentionally forfeiting. 

Rainbox Sixe Esports BrasilThe fateful match between FaZe Clan and Black Dragons ended up leading to a drawn-out conspiracy on match fixing.
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The two point penalty is massive for Black Dragons, as it  results in the team losing 20% of all of the prize money they earned during Season 9. 

As for FaZe Clan, ESL said that there there had been no “concrete evidence” found to confirm that FaZe or their members had been involved with the apparent match fixing.

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While the ruling did not definitely clear FaZe of the accusations, it did at least help clear the bad air that had been surrounding the organizations since the initial allegations were made.

This will be a big relief for the org, considering that they are still embroiled in a controversial lawsuit with their star Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney. 


What happened in the match on April 10?

The allegations of match fixing were based on what had occurred during a match between Black Dragons and FaZe Clan on April 10.

Constant internet issues and power outages made it impossible for Black Dragons to finish the match, giving their opponents the 7-0 win by default.

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According to claims made by Nycézio, FaZe would return the favor and forfeit over the match when the two were scheduled to meet again on June 30. 

Two audio recordings were released in support of these accusations, with more evidence supposedly having been sent directly to Ubisoft, but all of that has now been determined to be inconclusive and even “misleading” by ESL.