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eFuse CSO resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations

Published: 4/May/2022 0:59

by Bill Cooney


Gaming platform eFuse’s Chief Strategy Officer, Patrick Klein, has resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct arose amid community outcry.

Klein was first hired by eFuse back in 2019, after he had resigned from being a coach for the Ohio State women’s basketball team that same year.

The resignation from OSU came after he was put on administrative leave for allegations of sexual misconduct and violations of NCAA policy.

eFuse responds to Klein’s resignation

On April 29, 2022, eFuse put out a statement regarding Klein’s resignation, saying the platform demanded “unwavering integrity from all our team members.”

While eFuse claimed they had never seen any reason for concern during Klein’s time at the platform, they still accepted his resignation.


“We demand unwavering integrity form all our team members, leadership, and partners,” eFuse wrote. “We stand by our commitment to create an environment that is inclusive for all.”

eFuse told Sports Business Journal in an interview on April 14 that they knew about Klein’s resignation from OSU before hiring him, but said he had “accepted accountability for what happened.”

eFuse provides a gaming portfolio to everyone from casual players to streaming pros.

According to local reporting from the Springfield News-Sun, the NCAA allegedly found that Klein “initiated contact with student-athletes with the goal of forming personal relationships that exceeded coaching/student-athlete relationships.”

In 2020, Ohio State concluded that Klein’s behavior towards student athletes “consisted of a pervasive pattern of conduct that was reasonably perceived to be sexual in nature,” according to the report from their investigation


At the time of writing, it remains to be seen who Klein’s replacement will be.