Dota 2 pro player claims he was forced to pee in a bottle during DPC match

image featuring skiter from Tundra Esports' dota 2 roster.Tundra Esports

In a bizarre turn of events, Tundra Esports’ Dota 2 player Oliver ‘skiter’ Lepko was forced to pee in a bottle during his team’s Dota Pro Circuit match against Into The Breach after admins refused to allow a bathroom break.

The 2022-23 Dota Pro Circuit season is well underway, and a shocking event during Tundra Esports’ match against Into The Breach has stunned the community. The prohibition of bathroom breaks is a long-forgotten rule in Dota esports, but one that the PGL admins are enforcing.

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Although the admins cannot be blamed for simply enforcing the rules, the main question that needs to be addressed is why bathroom breaks are prohibited. Many Dota 2 pro matches undergo a few pauses due to technical issues, but a pause because of a physical requirement is simply not allowed.

skiter forced to pee in a bottle as admins deny bathroom break

skiter, the carry for Tundra Esports, the defending TI champions, is one of the most prominent personalities in the Dota community. However, being refused a bathroom break is not something that he might have ever expected.

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The Slovakian player posted about the incident on Twitter after finishing Tundra’s series against Into The Breach with a close 2-1 victory.

While many in the community are busy with their memes and banter about the incident, the other half is questioning the rules that prevent a player from taking a bathroom break when they need to. Given that Dota is a high-intensity esports title that requires constant focus and extreme concentration to master, a break of any kind can be considered a distraction for all 10 players in the lobby.

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However, having to play for prolonged periods while controlling your need for a bathroom break can not only cause distractions in the game but also have long-term adverse effects on your physique. With matches in Dota 2 often lasting for more than an hour, it is high time that some changes are made to the rules of professional Dota 2.

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