Complexity Gaming opens jaw-dropping esports facility to the public

Brad Norton
Complexity Gaming

The Dallas Cowboys-backed esports organization, Complexity Gaming, has opened the doors to a new, state of the art training facility.

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Founded in 2003, Complexity Gaming is an American organization with a storied history across a plethora of titles such as Call of Duty and CSGO. Announced in November of 2017, the organization would be establishing its headquarters in Frisco, Texas.

Today that state-of-the-art facility houses production studios, offices, and a wide range of practice areas for all Complexity Gaming rosters to sharpen their skills. To top it off, the headquarters will now be open to the general public.

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In a September 16 video, it was revealed that the doors of the GameStop Performance Center had officially opened to the public. 

“I’d like to welcome everyone to the GameStop Performance Center,” Jason Lake, Founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming, expressed with joy to begin the announcement. 

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While certain sections of the facility such as executive conference rooms, will be inaccessible to the general public for obvious reasons, the performance center features a wide range of features for fans.  

From an exclusive merchandise store to a high-quality LAN setup with numerous rooms mimicking grand stage environments, Lake ensures that the grounds are “open seven days a week,” and that the organization would “love to see” all of its “gamer friends.”

Complexity Gaming
The exclusive merch store at the GameStop Performance Center
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Showcased throughout the video, the massive location is highlighted by an unmissable Complexity Gaming sign above the entrance in Frisco.

Internally the environment is pristine. From countless displays and unique LED setups, to various wall art showcasing famous video game environments.

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While the GameStop Performance Center uniquely stands out as one of the largest esports facilities in all of North America, numerous organizations are looking to plant their flag and establish similar headquarters. 

100 Thieves for instance, recently unveiled their plans for a brand new facility that will act not only as the headquarters for all teams and staff, but also as a retail shop for fans of their merchandise.