Cloud9 announces $500 annual membership experience for superfans


Esports organization Cloud9 has announced a new annual subscription service for fans. Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ experience will begin on January 1 and run for the entire year.

Formed in 2013, Cloud9 has risen to become one of the most recognizable brands in competitive gaming. With a large trophy cabinet across multiple titles, the organization has garnered a large and dedicated fanbase.

Of course, as with any fanbase, there are those who want to establish a closer relationship with the brand and offer additional support. That’s exactly what Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ program is designed to offer superfans of the organization.

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Cloud 9’s ‘Stratus’ program will cost fans $500 per year.

Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ membership program

Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ subscription service is not designed for a typical fan of the organization. As advertised, it’s targeting the superfans who want to become more involved and connected with the brand.

The ‘Stratus’ program is available to purchase for a one-time payment of $500 or the price can be split into four payments of $125.

The question is, what can a superfan expect from the ‘Stratus’ program? Well, the subscription service offers members a range of perks including an exclusive discord, monthly access to staff in the organization, social media perks, and exclusive merchandise.

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The price of Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ experience has been the main point of contention among fans. The $500 price tag has led some to criticize the organization’s program, labeling it as overpriced: “Been a Cloud9 fan since the original meme team but $500 PER YEAR for some merch is a gross abuse of your fans.”

Despite this, others stand by that no one is forced to pay the price and the program acts as a season pass for superfans of the brand: “It’s basically an esports season ticket membership deal… I  kinda dig it.”

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The exclusive aspects of the ‘Stratus’ experience make it difficult to establish the value of the package. Cloud9 has a huge and dedicated fanbase, some of which have been following the brand since its inception.  Whether the $500 fee is reasonable depends on your view and experience with the organization.

Cloud9 are not the only organization looking to capitalize on superfans, with Envy Gaming launching the ‘EnvyUS’ membership program. It’s fair to say there’s a stark difference in price; Envy Gaming’s subscription service is set to cost fans $29.95 for the year. However, it is important to note that Envy Gaming’s program does not offer physical perks and Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ experience does.

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Cloud9’s ‘Stratus’ program begins on January 1, 2021.

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