Bald Caps on turning around G2’s LEC season: “Something had to change”

G2 Caps baldRiot Games

Before G2’s July 9 match against Astralis, star mid-laner Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther revealed a shaved head on the LEC stage in an attempt to turn around their disappointing Summer performance.

G2’s League of Legends roster has not had a great Summer split thus far. Heading into their July 9 match, they sported a 4-5 record so far, well below the team’s expectations.

G2 is typically a team at the top of the LEC standings, as they have won four of the previous five LEC titles. With their team in need of some good luck, Caps decided to take fate into his own hands.

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Caps made a bold move by showing up to their game with a completely shaved head, to the shock of many viewers.

Caps reveals decision into shaving head

Against Astralis Caps locked in Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, one of League’s newest champions, who uses an enormous scissor to dice up enemies.

Caps drastic decision ended up working out for his team as G2 defeated Astralis, finishing the game with a 10k gold lead.

In the post-game interview, Caps gave his reasoning for chopping his hair off.

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“We were losing a lot of games. It felt like something had to change. So I guess the hair was it, this time.”

He continued, “It also has some added benefits. I actually cut it myself, most of it, with a scissor which obviously helps when you’re going on stage playing Gwen, that you’re more comfortable with the scissors.”

Caps’ strategy clearly worked, as he was given the player of the game award.

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Caps is also the only mid laner in the LEC  to play Gwen so far, and he explained why saying “Gwen is one of the new champs, and going into this season I really wanted to play Gwen and Viego because new champs are a lot of fun… I’ve been spamming them in solo queue. Yeah, new champs are just always fun. They’re also usually pretty strong. I’m just happy that we can finally find success with it”.

g2 caps lol LECRiot Games
G2 Caps when he had hair on his head.

In regards to G2’s desperate need to turn the season around, Caps said “Going 0-4 was not something we’d expect going into the split. Once we went 0-4 we realized we have to step it up because we’re at the risk of missing out on playoffs… We really gave it 100% and I’m really happy with everyone’s effort throughout the week. We really came together to try and bounce back.”

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So far, Caps’ decision has worked, as G2 are positioned to fight back into a playoff seed for the Summer split.