Astralis CSGO player Spike denies sexual assault allegations by former teammate

Astralis CSGO player SpikeTwitter: spikeakasel

Astralis CSGO’s Selin ‘Spike’ Sinem Alak has denied the sexual assault allegations from her from former teammate Kaia ‘KiKi’ Holmen.

On October 8, KiKi published a TwitLonger in which she detailed the alleged assault by her teammate, but Sinem Alak’s has disputed those claims and provided her own account of the situation and the days surrounding it.

Spike also suggested that this matter had been settled between the two of them for some time, and that she believes that these allegations have only now been made public “out of spite” for KiKi being removed from the team.

Astralis Spike responds to sexual assault allegations from former teammate

Spike released her own TwitLonger on October 11 in which she goes in-depth about her perspective of the situation.

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Among many differences, she noted that this incident wasn’t the result of KiKi ‘taking one for the team’ as she initially stated, but was instead the product of an already-bubbling interest between the two players.

“One of the rooms had an own bathroom with a cute vanity table. With no hesitation, KiKi insisted on having the big room and OFFERED me to stay with her in front of Kezzi. She didn’t take one for the team nor was she forced to offer me to stay with her,” the accused pro claimed.

In her statement, Spike also contested the claim that KiKi yelled or screamed for her to stop, suggesting that all acts were consensual and that when her teammate rejected her attempt to go any further she didn’t press the issue.

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She acknowledged that when the rejection came she asked why the other woman had changed her mind, but that after she realized KiKi was clearly uncomfortable with anything else, she dropped the topic entirely.

“First of all, I asked for consent both times when I initiated the “making out” and both times she said yes. I understand that she didn’t want to go all the way and I didn’t do anything physically against her will,” she wrote. “She never shouted or kept saying no. Nobody in the house, including the staff, heard any screaming or yelling because it simply did not happen.”

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Spike’s statement also detailed that she believed that her and KiKi were on good terms up to the point that the latter player was dropped from the team.

“I understand that facing the fact that you weren’t the right fit for the team anymore is hard to accept. Then a couple months later, and immediately after we signed with a new organization, she started telling our mutual friends that I had sexually assaulted her and that she wanted to speak up about it.”

Astralis has yet to comment on the situation.