Age of Empires pro randomly does push-ups mid-set in $100k tournament

Age of Empires pro does pushupsTwitch

Have you ever performed a bunch of push-ups when you’re in the middle of a big game? An Age of Empires pro just did that in the midst of a $100k tournament, and it very well may have helped him achieve victory.

Marco ‘JorDan_AoE’ Bloch was competing in the $100k Red Bull Wololo tournament when he went ahead 1-0 in the series against his opponent, Patricio ‘Capoch’ Olmo.

Rather than stare at his screen and wait for the next game, the AoE 2 pro decided to just start doing push-ups instead, much to the shock of the casters.

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“Okay, he’s just showing off,” the on-air talent joked.

“Is this like, a challenge?” another asked.

As JorDan continued his workout, a caster pointed out that in a previous cup, they had a rule that every time you lose a game, you had to do ten push-ups.

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In any case, JorDan did a lot more than ten and was even ahead in the round, so it was likely incredibly tilting for his opponent.

The extra workout may even have helped, as JorDan was able to secure the win 2-0 and continued his undefeated run.

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Maybe next time you’re in a heated game, try doing some push-ups. There may be a secret technique that lets you play even better and clutch out some victories thanks to the blood pumping from your workout.

Or maybe he was just showing off. In any case, it’s never a bad thing to stay in shape. Just don’t celebrate too hard, or you may end up dislocating your shoulder like CakeAssault after he won a Rivals of Aether tournament.

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