100 Thieves could be launching their own energy drink brand

100 Thieves Nadeshot Rockstar EnergyYouTube: 100 Thieves

North American esports organization and media company 100 Thieves could be gearing up the launch their own energy drink brand called JUVEE.

100 Thieves are known for making big moves in the industry and their next venture would definitely fall into that category, with apparent plans to launch an energy drink or an energy drink powder.

According to a trademark filing, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s organization applied to own the name ‘JUVEE’ at the end of April 2020. The application is owned by “100 Thieves, Inc.”

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Interestingly, the organization announced a partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink in February 2021 that was said to last the entire year. PepsiCo — which has a big presence in gaming and esports through brands such as Mountain Dew and Doritos — acquired Rockstar in March 2020 for $3.85 billion.

100 Thieves JUVEE TrademarkUSPTO
100 Thieves have filed for the trademark for their own energy drink, JUVEE.

It seems as if it would be a categorical clash with Rockstar if 100 Thieves were to launch their very own energy drink brand, so their plans for the trademark are unclear at the time of writing. Dexerto has reached out to 100 Thieves for comment.

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At the time of the collaborative announcement with Rockstar, Nadeshot said that they “have a lot of fun, original content coming down the pipeline that I think will both excite and inspire our fans.”

The announcement stated that the 100 Thieves CEO and the rest of his team will become primary faces for Rockstar Energy in 2021 and that it’s a category-exclusive partnership — meaning no other energy drink company could engage with the organization for the duration of the deal.

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