Where to find new red labs key card on Shoreline in Escape from Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov players have found an all-new location spawn for the much sought after red labs keycard on Shoreline – and it isn’t as hidden away as the other ones.

While there certainly plenty of loot to be found in Escape from Tarkov’s different raids, some items are much more sought after than others. You’ve got items like the Intelligence Folders, Red Rebel Ice Pick, and T H I C C Weapon case, but for some players, the holy grail is key cards.

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Key cards are scattered around different raid maps and finding them can give you a leg up when you decide to tackle the Labs raid. Having a key card means that you’ll be able to unlock a different colored area which has a few riches on the other side. While players thought they had the red key card spawns down to a tee, a new one has cropped up.

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Labs is the raid you head to when you’ve got a few keycards.

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This new location was noted by Reddit user JohnMcClane13, and again, it is featured on the Shoreline raid. Unlike the key cards that can be found basement gym of the west wing resort building and in room 203, this new one shouldn’t be all that hard to find – provided that someone doesn’t beat you to it, that is.

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To find the new key card, alls you have to do is head to the Administration building that is in the resort and head inside. Once there, head to the first-floor room that has the locked safe inside and look on the table. The white half of the key card should be sticking out from underneath the ashtray.

Reddit: JohnMcClane13
You just have to look under the ashtray to find the new red labs key.

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If it isn’t, well, someone will have beaten you to the punch and grabbed it, but at least you know that there is a key card new location – at least for now.

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The pending Escape From Tarkov 12.6 update is set to wipe the slate clean and even switch up loot locations and patterns in a bid to keep things from becoming too routine.

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