Escape from Tarkov

Summit1g rages at Escape From Tarkov devs over raid changes

by Matt Porter


Jaryd 'Summit1g' Lazar is one of the most popular Escape From Tarkov streamers in the world, and even though he openly praises the game, he couldn't help but lose his cool on February 4 when he died at the end of a match, claiming the games were too short.

Escape From Tarkov is one of the most tactical first-person shooters on the market, tasking players with heading into the fictional Russian city of Tarkov to grab gear, loot enemies, and make it back to the extraction point without getting killed and losing all the supplies you have acquired.

Matches on the Interchange map, a massive shopping mall full of weapons, armor, and more, have seen their time shortened down to 40 minutes, and the sprawling building taking a long time to work through, a frustrated Summit1g hit out at developers Battlestate Games for bringing down the raid time limits and making it more difficult to escape when it shouldn't be.

Interchange map from Escape From Tarkov.
Battlestate Games
Interchange's sprawling shopping mall makes it one of Tarkov's biggest raids.


After hunting through shop after shop in search of loot, Summit received the call that the raid was almost complete, giving him seven minutes to exit Interchange and make it to an extraction point to ensure he didn't lose his gear. While rushing to make his way out, the streamer got ambushed by an opponent sitting at the top of a set of escalators, wiping him out and leaving him furious at the short amount of time he had to complete the raid.

"They're sitting at the front of Ultra until six f**king minutes left for the guy who actually did do sh*t to run out," raged the 32-year-old. "That's what they're waiting for! Oh my god, that's insane! Please, can you give me my f**king time back on these maps?"

"40 minutes for an Interchange? Suck my d**k. That's ridiculous. Get more servers, stop lowering the time. Put them back to 50 minutes or 55, and get some goddamn servers, this is so dumb! It's f**king Interchange, it's a huge-*ss mall, there's so much to trek. 40 minutes is not enough time!"


With Tarkov becoming a massive success on Twitch thanks to streamers like Summit and Dr Disrespect, along with Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek on Mixer, thousands of players have flocked to the game to play it themselves, putting massive strain on the servers and forcing Battlestate to make matches shorter in attempts to free up space for other players and keep everything running smoothly.

While making raid time limits shorter does mean more people can play, it is clearly affecting some people's enjoyment of the FPS, with Summit especially annoyed and pleading with the developers to make changes.