Summit1g exposes “shady” Escape From Tarkov hacker ruining Hutch’s game

Summit1g breaks down Tarkov cheaterBattlestate Games

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar sat down to look over the “shady” VOD of an accused hacker that was stalking Hutch across the map in a game Escape From Tarkov, and the evidence against the player was pretty damning.

While EFT players may be waiting a while for a real anti-cheat system, at least some of the game’s abusers make it obvious that they’re cheating without any outside assistance at all.

That’s what happened when Summit’s friend and fellow streamer Bryce ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson ran into one such player on January 13, and when the duo examined the replay after the game, the VOD only made the situation more clear.

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Summit1g and Hutch expose Escape From Tarkov hacker after a near-miss situation

The first clip that they looked at starts with Hutch slowly creeping his way up a set of dark stairs.

As he progresses up in the building the player in question strikes in a flash, landing multiple bullets before both parties retreat to take different angles on each other.

Just that tiny peak was enough for Summit to decide he had seen enough to make his decision: “All headshots. He hit you with no other bullets than headshots.”

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Despite already feeling like the case was over, Lazar flicked over to another clip of the same game to see what else happened. Sure enough, Hutch and the same player get into another small engagement that looked even more suspicious than the first.

It begins with the streamer’s duo stalking the cheater from a distance, carefully monitoring where they’re going. After a little bit of repositioning, Hutch gets a chance to hold the angle.

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While it seemed like he would have had the drop on any normal player, the hacker whips the corner and instantly fires two bullets that only narrowly miss.

After a few more replays the duo agreed that there was no other explanation than hacking. “That guy is a dumb***,” summit1g said. “The only reason he didn’t hit you in the face was because [the bullets] sank.”

When it was all said and done the cheater ended up leaving the lobby anyway. That was a smart decision given that, had he killed Hutch, it would have been broadcasted to thousands of people on the internet and likely would have earned them a ban from the game.

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