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Escape from Tarkov

Summit1g explains how Escape From Tarkov’s looting system punishes kills

Published: 6/Mar/2020 11:27 Updated: 6/Mar/2020 11:28

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has hit out at Escape from Tarkov’s looting system, claiming it is too slow and that you can be punished for getting too many kills at one time. 

Back in early January, Escape from Tarkov became one of the biggest games on Twitch as streamers flocked to try it out during a period where Battlestate Games, the developers, were handing out free items. 

Some have caught the Tarkov bug and stuck around for quite some time, while others quickly returned to their usual game of choice. One player that has stuck around is summit, although he has also hinted at quitting the intense first-person shooter and looter title in favor of something else. 


An image of Escape from Tarkov characters searching a building.
Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov has dropped off since it’s boom on Twitch but streamers are still playing it.

The extremely popular variety streamer dove into the game during his March 5 broadcast, and after running through a few raids, the game bit back and presented him with a few challenging moments while looting. 

That, combined with stream snipers, wound him up to the point where he decided to call it quits and drop back into GTA RP. Though, as he was waiting for that to load, summit aired his frustrations.

“Listen, there’s two things that had happened that are frustrating. Looting for very long times and dying to player scavs, and dying while you’re looting – that’s pretty much it,” he said, before ramping it up and taking aim how player scavs can spawn in certain levels until the last ten minutes.


After hitting out at the game’s issues, regarding scav spawns, summit again zeroed in on the looting, explaining that it takes far too long to dig through a players loot. 

“It’s just like, how long do I sit there on this body and loot? If you’re not a f**king professional on it, it’s going to be a long f**king time let me tell you,” he said, before talking to his chat. “You think I’m slow? I promise you’re slower and it is going to take you forever. Looting bodies is like, sometimes chat, if you kill too many people it doesn’t feel like a good thing.”


Though, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player did find a way to air his frustrations in a hilarious manner, mocking how a player digs deep into a bag and ends up at the “depths of the earth” trying to find a weapon.

“F**king Tarkov,” summit exclaimed. “Yo, but if you level, if you play long enough and you f**king get the stupid ass skill level you can search two bags at a time and really quickly! Suck my d*ck, just give that to everyone man.”

Of course, EFT isn’t designed to be easy and rewarding, as players are supposed to face an uphill struggle to come away with a successful run.


It could be easier, no doubt about it, but it remains to be seen if Battlestate Games takes the advice on board from summit and mixes things up in the future.