Escape from Tarkov

Summit1g & Dr Disrespect get ultimate Tarkov revenge with 25m loot heist

by Isaac McIntyre
Summit1g / Dr Disrespect, Twitch


Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was left stunned, and panicking, during an Escape from Tarkov raid after he discovered one of the unlucky players he killed was carrying a veritable horde of expensive and game-changing loot.

Summit1g and fellow Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect were grinding out some Escape from Tarkov, as they both have been doing regularly over the past few weeks, when a nasty firefight during the raid saw the Doc get dropped.

While the Two-Time was left fuming over his untimely demise, Summit set about pilfering the enemy. There, he found what might be the biggest loot pile he’ll ever find in the FPS – a case full of more than $25 million roubles worth of gear.

Battlestate Games
Summit was left panicking after he stumbled onto a ₽25m horde during a Tarkov raid with Dr Disrespect.


Needless to say, Summit immediately panicked. Alone after the death of his squadmate Dr Disrespect, he realized he had to “get out immediately” to make sure he could cash in the huge fortune the pair had just stumbled upon.

“He brought a THICC case, he was planning to go do the route and f**k people up,” Summit explained to the Doc, as he casually opened the gearbox for the first time. After seeing its contents, he lost all inhibitions for a moment.

“He already has! Listen… I gotta leave. I’m choking. I’m dying in real life ‘cause this is too insane Doc. Oh, brother, I’m going to be sh*tting myself this whole exit. I’m scared bro, I’m f**king scared. I don’t understand what he was doing with this.”


Summit immediately set off for his extraction point—in this raid, it was Crossroads—and left the Doc’s gear behind, much to the chagrin of his Twitch chat. There was no way Lazar was risking his hefty bounty though, and he ignored them.

“I can’t believe we just found a guy that geared, I’ve never seen that. By far the most geared guy I’ve ever seen in Escape from Tarkov,” Summit muttered as he crept towards one of the game's many PMC escape routes.

“I should be putting his armor on, but I just want to get out of here. This is f**king crazy. This is a ₽15 million-plus loot. This is the most dangerous exit in the entire game, I’m so scared. Please don’t do this. Let me the f**k out of here.”

Battlestate Games
Summit and the Doc found enough loot to fit into a small secret base.


Luckily, Summit and his “disgusting” haul were able to get out unscathed, and the streamer sat back and just drunk in what he had just achieved. “What in the f**k just happened?” he added. “He had to be dropping that off.”

No matter how the poor soul ended up losing his huge stash to Summit, it’s now in the hands of the bewildering, and lucky streamer, who admitted this was “one of those extremely rare moments” that “doesn’t ever happen.”

It certainly was a horde too, complete with rare keycards, four Airframe helmets, two Magboxes full with ammo, and a weapon case stuffed with rifles like a pair of HK 41615s and eight MP7A1s. In the end, it clocked up to more than ₽25m.


Unfortunately, while the Twitch duo would be metaphorically eating well in the hardcore FPS title, there had to be a loser in the situation too, and the Tarkov player that just lost the huge haul may be a bit peeved.

When he messaged Summit after the game, however, he admitted it was “fine” and that he had another ₽36 million in the bank, on top of any gear that he hadn’t lost in the THICC case that had been stripped from his body.

Despite the hapless raider not seeming too worried about his multi-million rouble loss, it is a stark reminder for EFT players: never take rare loot into a raid if you’re not willing to risk it all. Tarkov can be unforgiving, and you might just stumble into Summit and the Doc looking for a major ₽25 million score.