Shroud meets screaming superfan in hilarious Escape From Tarkov run: “Have it all!”

Shroud playing Escape From TarkovTwitch: shroud / Battlestate Games

It was a lucky day for one of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s biggest fans as a chance encounter in Escape From Tarkov paved the way for a hilarious outburst, leaving the Twitch streamer stunned.

After a brief hiatus, shroud, along with many other top streamers, are finally diving back into Escape From Tarkov. We’ve already seen some outrageous clips and amusing collabs with the intense multiplayer game back in the spotlight once again.

With the recent addition of VOIP functionality, allowing players to chat with one another in-game, Tarkov can be a more chaotic experience than ever before. Such was the case when shroud bumped into a massive fan during a January 3 run.

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At first, it was the fan caught by surprise. Shocked that he just heard shroud’s voice come from a nearby character. But in a matter of seconds, it was shroud that became shocked as the friendly player began screaming in excitement.

Escape from Tarkov player explores Customs before Patch 0.12.7.Battlestate Games
Escape From Tarkov is climbing back up the Twitch categories as one of the most popular multiplayer games to start 2022.

“Did you loot this building?” shroud asked a total stranger 10 hours into his latest Tarkov session. It was a simple interaction, and the two appeared to be heading in separate directions before long. That was until the fan noticed who just asked the question.

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“Wait… are you shroud?” the player asked tentatively at first. “Why do you sound like shroud?” he repeated as the streamer turned away and headed inside the building.

“Is that really shroud?” the fan continued, now screaming. “I love you shroud,” he yelled so loud it could be heard through the concrete walls. “Here, have my guns, have everything. Have it all, I dropped it all.”

In one continuous breath, the player lost his mind over the mic, overjoyed that he’d met his favorite streamer out of nowhere. “Have it all shroud, I love you,” he shrieked before running off into the distance.

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With a pile of weapons, ammunition, and armor all on the ground, shroud approached while laughing along with thousands of viewers in chat. Funnily enough, he “[didn’t] even need any of this stuff,” he joked.

“That was good stuff right there. F*** yeah,” shroud responded after soaking in the crazy encounter. “We need more of that guy.”

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